Fed's 'nearly balanced' language no bar to September rate rise Jul 30, 2015 04:29PM

By Howard Schneider

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Federal Reserve will not need to see balanced risks to the economy to proceed with an interest rate hike in September, according to former Fed officials and a review of central bank statements through recent turns in policy.

In its latest statement, released Wednesday, the Fed said it continued to judge the risks to the U.S. economy as "nearly balanced," meaning it still sees a greater threat of a new downturn than it... (continue reading...)

Bill Gross Predicts Rate Hike in September as Fed Seen 'Wising Up' Jul 30, 2015 11:19AM

Janus Capital's Bill Gross said in his latest Investment Outlook that he thinks the Fed will raise interest rates in September, unless there is a major global catastrophe. The Fed's rational for the rate hike isn't rising inflation, nor the continued downward push of unemployment to 5%.

Gross explained, "The reason will be that the central bankers that are charged with leading the global financial markets – the Fed and the BOE for now – are wising up; that the Taylor... (continue reading...)

Fed sees improving economy, job market; September rate hike in view Jul 29, 2015 02:04PM

By Howard Schneider and Michael Flaherty

WASHINGTON, July 29 (Reuters) - The U.S. economy and job market continue to strengthen, the Federal Reserve said on Wednesday, leaving the door open for a possible interest rate hike when central bank policymakers next meet in September.

Following a two-day policy meeting, Fed officials said they felt the economy had overcome a first-quarter slowdown and was "expanding moderately" despite a downturn in the energy sector and... (continue reading...)

Full FOMC Statement: Rates to Rise After Some Further Job Market Improvement Jul 29, 2015 02:01PM

Information received since the Federal Open Market Committee met in June indicates that economic activity has been expanding moderately in recent months. Growth in household spending has been moderate and the housing sector has shown additional improvement; however, business fixed investment and net exports stayed soft. The labor market continued to improve, with solid job gains and declining unemployment. On balance, a range of labor market indicators suggests that... (continue reading...)

Fed says labor market continued to improve, job gains solid Jul 29, 2015 02:00PM

Fed says labor market continued to improve, job gains solid. Says rate to rise after "some further" job market improvement. Th Fed repeats risks to economy, job outlooks "nearly balanced."

Read the full statement here.

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