Wall St. banks shift odds on rate hike to year-end: Reuters poll Sep 4, 2015 03:37PM

By Tariro Mzezewa

(Reuters) - Wall Street's top banks still expect the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates this year, but their conviction around a September hike has decreased notably in the last month due to volatility in global markets, according to a Reuters poll conducted on Friday.

Ten of 17 primary dealers, or the banks that deal with the Fed directly, polled said they expect the Fed to raise rates in the fourth quarter of 2015 or... (continue reading...)

Muddled jobs report leaves Fed in a 'jam' watching markets Sep 4, 2015 11:48AM

By Jonathan Spicer and Jason Lange

NEW YORK/RICHMOND, Va. (Reuters) - The latest U.S. jobs report was not definitively good or bad enough to help the Federal Reserve decide whether to raise interest rates later this month, leaving the decision hanging on volatility in financial markets over the next couple of weeks.

The economy added 173,000 jobs in August, quite a bit fewer than expected. But employment growth in June and July were revised... (continue reading...)

Fed to Remain Sitting on Their Hands in September - Goldman Sachs Sep 4, 2015 10:53AM

While some Fed heads like Richmond Federal Reserve President Jeffrey Lacker continue to suggest that 'its time to raise rates' amid good-enough U.S. economic data, including today's employment report, Goldman Sachs economists Zach Pandl, Jan Hatzius and others suggest the Fed will do nothing again when the September 16-17 meeting rolls around.

"Nonfarm payroll employment increased less than expected in August, although earlier months were revised up. The unemployment... (continue reading...)

Volatile oil casts doubt on ECB's future inflation gauge Sep 4, 2015 10:37AM

By John Geddie

LONDON (Reuters) - The credibility of one of the European Central Bank's favorite inflation gauges has come into question after a bout of volatility triggered by wild swings in the oil price.

The five-year, five-year euro zone breakeven forward, which President Mario Draghi often cites and which the ECB considers when it sets policy, is designed to measure what inflation is expected to average between 2020 and 2025.

... (continue reading...)
Janus Capital's (JNS) Gross Sees 50/50 Chance of Fed Rate Hike in Sept. - Bloomberg Sep 4, 2015 09:00AM

Speaking on Bloomberg Radio today, Janus Capital (NYSE: JNS) Bill Gross sees a "fifty-fifty" chance of a Fed rate hike in September.

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