U.S. to rescind Cuba's designation as state sponsor of terror - Bloomberg May 29, 2015 11:04AM

U.S. to rescind Cuba's designation as state sponsor of terror, according to Bloomberg headlines.

U.S. GDP Fell 0.7% in Q1 Amid Weaker Goods Exports, Business Investment - 2nd Est. May 29, 2015 08:42AM

(Updated - May 29, 2015 8:42 AM EDT)

Q1 GDP -0.7% vs -0.9% Expected

UPDATE - More from the Bureau of Economic Analysis:

Real gross domestic product -- the value of the production of goods and services in the United States, adjusted for price changes -- decreased at an annual rate of 0.7 percent in the first quarter of 2015, according to the "second" estimate released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis. In the fourth quarter, real GDP increased 2.2 percent.

The GDP estimate... (continue reading...)

UPDATE: Greece and Creditors Started Crafting Staff Level Accord - Bloomberg Citing Official May 27, 2015 09:59AM (Updated - May 27, 2015 9:59 AM EDT)

Greece and creditors began crafting a staff level according, according to Bloomberg, citing an official. Bank deposits are safe, the official said, but the deal will include lower primary surpluses. It will also include a long term solution on debt. Greece will change its pension system but won't cut pensions.

Disagreement among creditors is seen as a problem.

Greece said likely to miss May deal deadline as talks stall - Bloomberg May 27, 2015 06:34AM

Greece said likely to miss May deal deadline as talks stall, according to Bloomberg headlines. Greece said to be nowhere close to agreement with creditors.

UPDATE: Fischer Says Fed Could Slow Rate Increased if Global Growth Falters May 26, 2015 12:39PM

(Updated - May 26, 2015 12:39 PM EDT)

Fischer says Fed could slow rate rises if global growth falters, according to Bloomberg headlines.

UPDATE - The following is the speech given by Federal Research Vice Chair Stanley Fischer at the conference held in honor of Professor Haim Ben-Shahar, former president of Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel:

The Federal Reserve and the Global Economy

I am happy to be here today, and I thank the organizers for... (continue reading...)

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