Gaming Companies Prepare to Expand Operations as Canada Inches Closer to Approving Single-Event Sports Betting Apr 12, 2021 04:51AM

FN Media Group Presents Market Commentary

New York, NY - April 12, 2021 – After decades of pushing for reform of the laws banning single-event gambling, the Canadian gaming industry seems to be on its way to expansion. Gambling associations and companies are preparing themselves for the proposed changes, which, if enacted in the current legislative session, would leave the responsibility of implementing and regulating single-events sports wagering on... (continue reading...)

Vancouver Based Crypto and Blockchain Company, BIGG is Making Waves Globally as Their Stock Price Rises to New Highs Apr 9, 2021 12:23PM

FN Media Group Presents USA News Group News Commentary

Vancouver, BC - April 9, 2021 – USA News Group – Since Jan 27, 2021 when BIGG Digital Assets Inc. (CSE:BIGG) (OTCQX:BBKCF) was trading at CDN$0.415 the company has very impressive revenue growth and has capitalized on the parabolic rise of bitcoin. Today BIGG hit a share price of CDN$3.35 in early morning heavy trading. In Canada 6,944,700 shares & in the USA 5,391,700 all by 8:45am PST (10:45am EST).

BIGG... (continue reading...)

Global M&A Activity on the Rise Again in the Cannabis Sector Apr 9, 2021 05:01AM

FN Media Group Presents USA News Group News Commentary

Vancouver, BC - April 9, 2021 – USA News Group -With a new administration in place, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has expressed that his branch of government will "move forward" on marijuana legalization, whether the President agrees or not. In advance of this, larger multistate operators (MSOs) and multinational cannabis corporations are raising money once again for a strategic advance towards increased... (continue reading...)

Live Streaming Market Could Exceed $245 Billion By 2027 Apr 9, 2021 04:45AM

Palm Beach, FL - April 9, 2021 – Live Streaming markets and its providers, fall into that rare category of companies and markets that have actually fared well recently due to the global pandemic! Live streaming sites have gained precedence in light of emerging social media platforms and affordable data consumption plans. Live streaming software allows users to present a live feed of events. It has been recently been used by social media influencers for gaining... (continue reading...)

Hello Pal Announces $2,412,000 Monthly Revenue for March 2021 Apr 9, 2021 04:18AM

Non-China revenue rises to 20%

Vancouver, BC – April 9, 2021Hello Pal International Inc. ("Hello Pal" or the "Company") (CSE:HP) (Frankfurt:27H) (OTCQB:HLLPF), a provider of rapidly growing international live-streaming, language learning and social-crypto platform, is pleased to announce that it achieved 12,518,000 CNY ($2,412,000 CAD) in revenue for the month of March 2021, an increase of around 800,000 CNY from the previous month.

Operating under a CAD/CNY... (continue reading...)

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