Home Advantage: How Domestic REE Supply Is Supercharging North American Companies Jun 9, 2023 04:32AM

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New York, NY - June 9, 2023 – The global outcry for ditching fossil fuels in favor of cleaner, Earth-friendly technologies and sustainability is reaching deafening levels. One problem is that North America has backed itself into a corner by allowing China to take a dominant position in the supply of rare earth oxides. These elements are irreplaceable in the production of permanent magnets, which are, in turn, irreplaceable in... (continue reading...)

New Drugs in Fight Against Cancer Being Powered by Novel Mechanisms of Action Jun 8, 2023 08:19AM

FN Media Group Presents USA News Group News Commentary

Vancouver, BC - June 8, 2023 – USA News Group – By utilizing newly developed novel mechanisms, biotech researchers and scientists are making strides in the battle against cancer. A study put out by researchers at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center recently detailed a previously unexplained type of cell death that could open the door for novel cancer therapies. How we arm ourselves in the battle... (continue reading...)

Market Consolidation of Larger Companies Acquiring or Merging with Smaller Firms Fueling Growth in Food Supply Chain Operations Jun 8, 2023 05:20AM

Palm Beach, FL - June 8, 2023 – News Commentary – The flow of products and information between the supply chain's member businesses is known as the supply chain. In the food supply chain, food moves from producer to consumer via the processes of production, processing, distribution, retailing and consumption; thus, food moves from farmer to consumer in a dominoâ?like fashion. As a result, agriculture supply chain management requires... (continue reading...)

The Supply Crisis for Rare Earth Elements Intensifies Jun 7, 2023 04:31AM

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New York, NY - June 7, 2023 – The transition from fossil fuels to electrification has created a huge increase in demand for rare earth oxides and demand is expected to get much larger. Rare earth oxides are irreplaceable elements integral to permanent magnets, critical components in electric vehicles and sustainable power generation equipment, especially windmills. About 90% of all permanent magnets are currently produced in China,... (continue reading...)

Why Some Experts Believe There Is Tremendous Potential for Global Sports Industry Jun 6, 2023 04:47AM

Palm Beach, FL - June 6, 2023 – News Commentary – Hundred of millions of people around the globe watch professional sports for fun, but can they also make money from it? Most people may think that the only way to generate profit from sports is through sports betting channels. The sorry reality for these methods is, the odds are stacked against you - the vast majority of sports betters end up with less money than they started. According to... (continue reading...)

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