Why the Second-Highest Gold Prices Ever Witnessed Were Achieved Last Quarter May 27, 2022 04:52AM

Palm Beach, FL - May 27, 2022 – FinancialNewsMedia.com News Commentary – In the gold universe, the World Gold Council Gold Demand Trends reports are the industry's bible. The latest covering Q1'22 was discussed in a Seeking Alpha article. The article said that the latest report covering Q1’22 revealed worldwide gold-mine output climbed a strong 2.6% YoY to 856.5 metric tons, or 27,537k ounces. Quarterly average gold prices blasted 4.8% higher to $1,879 between... (continue reading...)

Global Central Nervous System Treatment Market Is Expected to Reach $166 Billion In 2028 May 26, 2022 04:55AM

Palm Beach, FL - May 26, 2022 – FinancialNewsMedia.com News Commentary – Worldwide, there is a rapid increase in the prevalence and incidence of neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, among others. According to Public Health England, the number of individuals with multiple sclerosis has increased over the last few years. This increase is set to remarkably influence the growth of the market in the coming years. Increasing... (continue reading...)

Outrageous Gas Prices Fuel Demand for Electric Vehicles May 25, 2022 04:53AM

FN Media Group Presents Microsmallcap.com Market Commentary

New York, NY - May 25, 2022 – Gas prices continue to test record highs, surpassing $4 per gallon in the US and $2 per liter across Canada for the first time, which is fueling rampant demand for electric vehicles across North America. For perspective, sales of plug-in electric vehicles in the US increased nearly 60% year-over-year in the first quarter of 2022, compared to the broader automotive market which... (continue reading...)

Metaverse Could Contribute $3 Trillion to Global GDP Within a Decade May 25, 2022 04:48AM

FN Media Group Presents Microsmallcap.com Market Commentary

New York, NY - May 25, 2022 – The Metaverse is more than just a buzzword. In fact, this virtual-reality world, which has the ability to transform education, health care, manufacturing, job training, communications, entertainment, and retail, could become a tangible and valuable reality in the next decade. A new white paper from Analysis Group, in partnership with Meta Platforms, Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) says to... (continue reading...)

M&A Activity In Cannabis Industry Picking Up Steam as Cannabis Market Projected to Reach $70 Billion by 2028 May 25, 2022 04:48AM

Palm Beach, FL -May 25, 2022 – FinancialNewsMedia.com News Commentary – A maturing cannabis industry has the potential for enormous growth -- but only if growers, processors and retailers can minimize threats to their profitability and stability. The cannabis industry is poised for another year of huge growth in 2022, and the enterprises that will benefit the most are those best-positioned to manage risk. Additional threats and higher premiums won't inhibit... (continue reading...)

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Apr 26, 2022 05:27AM Global Video Streaming Market Expected to Reach $932 Billion In 2028
Apr 26, 2022 04:51AM Digital Payment Solutions Demand Growing For Both Consumers and Businesses
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