SAI.TECH Is Committed to the Green Economy by Guiding the Transformation and Upgrading of the Industry with Carbon Neutrality

August 11, 2021 10:53 PM EDT

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Singapore, Singapore--(Newsfile Corp. - August 11, 2021) - 11 years ago, on August 9, 2010, Satoshi Nakamoto spoke in the forum: "The heat of the computer will not be wasted if you use the waste heat of the computer to heat your residence." Although there were not many participants in bitcoin mining at that time. Home computers can meet the demand of mining, and professional ASIC mining machines have not yet been born. However, Satoshi Nakamoto's prescient remarks about the use of computer waste heat for heating caused a ripple like a stone falling into the lake.

Link to the original Satoshi Nakamoto message on the Bitcointalk forum

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11 years later, on the same day, Arthur Lee, the Founder of SAI.TECH, a clean computing technology company based in Singapore, replied to the original Satoshi Nakamoto message posting "Thank you Satoshi, we realized your prediction, and will try our best to Make World Better!"

Link to the original message from Arthur Lee in response to Satoshi Nakamoto

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Nowadays, home computers obviously can't mine bitcoin. After being replaced by a more advanced professional mining machine, the high-density computing has naturally increased exponentially compared with the heat generated by home computers. In fact, more than 99% of the electric energy of ASIC and GPU chips is converted into heat energy. The idea of waste heat utilization in Satoshi Nakamoto has obviously become a brand-new way of energy utilization. At a time when Bitcoin is criticized as a "High-Energy-Consuming and Non-Environmental-Friendly" industry. SAI uses clean energy to generate electricity and utilize waste heat, thus realizing a seamless transition from "Computing to electricity then to heating". It not only achieves the innovation of collecting more than 90% of chip heat energy for central heating, but also greatly reduces the power and heat costs by 35% and improves the return on investment.

Arthur Lee chose to leave an eternal speech on the bitcoin block on August 8, the day before Satoshi Nakamoto's message date, to pay tribute to Satoshi Nakamoto. There are also four thoughts:

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First of all, "1A1zP1eP5QGefi2DMPTfTL5SLmv7DivfNa" is the address of the Bitcoin Genesis block, and is recognized as Satoshi Nakamoto's address. It marks the birth of Bitcoin and the implementation of the genius of a niche geek's vision in the financial crisis, which started the path of change in global finance.

Second, the number of transfers is 0.01010011.

1010011 is the binary representation of the letter "S", which is both the initials of Satoshi Nakamoto and the initials of SAI.TECH, implying a tribute and legacy. "S" also stands for Silicon, heralding the idea that a carbon-based world will evolve faster to a silicon-based world.

Third, OP_RETURN is the vision of SAI.TECH - Sustainable Available Innovative Technologies Make World Better.

Finally, the day before the date of Satoshi Nakamoto's message was chosen to pay tribute to his prediction and thank him for his previous prediction. It has found a new feasible way for the industry at the forefront, which has become the insistence of SAI.TECH.

In addition to successfully exploring the path of bitcoin green transformation along the track of Satoshi Nakamoto, SAI.TECH also led the establishment of OCEC (Organization of Clean Energy and Computing)--The first green self-regulatory organization in mining and supercomputing industries. SAI hopes to give full play to its advantages in clean computing power and unite influential enterprises in the industry to jointly promote the green transformation of the industry.

Clean computing power and carbon neutralization

The electric power industry is a pioneer in the carbon emission trading market. From the perspective of carbon emission paths in various countries, carbon will go through a plateau period after reaching its peak, which requires gradually overcoming various technologies to achieve carbon neutrality, which also means that efforts should be made to adjust industrial structure, develop negative carbon emissions and implement carbon compensation to offset carbon emissions. Mining and super-computing industry, as an industry with electricity as its main productivity, is bound to need to carry out industrial transformation and start low-carbon and green development under the global background of carbon neutrality.

Recently, SAI.TECH has released the industry's first and , providing a carbon footprint calculation method and specific solutions for mining and supercomputing industries through comprehensive data collection, accurate calculation methods and meticulous re-examination, which not only provides a feasible path for the industry to achieve green development, but also outlines the bright future of the industry after comprehensive transformation. Under the goal of "Peak carbon dioxide emissions" and "Carbon neutrality", it is the key to accelerate the reform and innovation of energy industry and increase the proportion of clean energy and renewable energy. Enterprises themselves need to strengthen the main responsibility of reducing carbon emissions and seize the new opportunities brought by the global green and low-carbon development trend.

SAI.TECH Carbon Footprint Report

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For mining and supercomputing industries, there are two main ways to achieve carbon neutrality as soon as possible. First, improve the proportion of clean energy use and energy efficiency, and realize the peak shaving and consumption of idle resources such as hydropowerwind power and waste electricity. Second, in the early stage when the cost of technological transformation is high and the short-term level is difficult to break through, enterprises can purchase carbon emission indicators from the carbon emission trading market and meet the standards in the form of carbon compensation. In the future, after the development of clean power generation technology related to supercomputing industry, practitioners in the industry will gradually reduce the purchase of carbon emission indicators, and may even transform into sellers.

SAI.TECH Takes on Green Responsibility, OCEC Drives Industry to Accelerate Carbon Neutrality

In supercomputing and crypto industry, there is such a company-SAI.TECH. It takes solving the climate crisis and promoting the common transformation of the industry as its development vision, and is committed to contributing to the social carbon neutrality. As the first horizontally integrated clean energy technology company, SAI has taken green economy, low carbon and environmental protection as its genes since its birth in 2019. It has completed three "firsts" in 2021, namely, the first enterprise in the industry to issue and , the first company in the industry to obtain the official certification of its energy conservation and emission reduction achievements by the UNFCCC Secretariat, and the first company to join the TCFD working group on climate-related financial disclosure.

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Arthur Lee, Founder of SAI.TECH, said: "During the transformation of the industry, enterprises should take the initiative to stand up and assume social responsibilities, and formulate feasible carbon emission reduction targets according to the characteristics of their industries, increase technology investment, reduce energy use from the source, and improve energy conversion efficiency."

As its founder said, SAI takes itself as an example and strictly measures the carbon footprint according to the product standards of the official greenhouse gas protocol. In addition to formulating detailed departmental guidelines and questionnaires, the site manager specially collects all basic data and data related to energy intensity (MWh/ ton), and SAI.TECH also sends internal experts to all sites to check the real operating environment and data collection process, so as to ensure the safety and reliability of all data.

With practical solutions and supported by its own case, SAI.TECH's and are naturally real. After precipitation and upgrading, SAI has formed four technical sections of SAIHEAT, SAIWATT, SAIBYTE and SAICHIP up to now: SAIHEAT, which is the chip waste heat utilization technology, replaces the traditional heat source with clean energy by reusing the waste heat generated in the calculation process; SAIWATT is a clean power consumption, avoiding high-carbon emission resources such as coal, and using idle resources such as hydropower, wind power and waste electricity to realize idle energy consumption and peak shaving; SAIBYTE is a computing power cloud network system, which provides a more cost-effective cloud computing power service; SAICHIP, as its name implies, is a new computing power chip, based on new technology and new technology, which can dissipate heat and stability from the chip to achieve better performance.

In addition to forming a unique and competitive technology matrix, SAI has also launched its own core products-mobile liquid cooling hosting center SAIHUB, including SAICAB computing power cabinet and SAIBOX computing power container, which can transform the traditional factory production mode into easily movable equipment, get rid of the original geographical restrictions and adapt to the ever-changing energy and resource cycle.

In summer, 100% of the electricity consumed by SAI.TECH is provided by renewable energy, while in winter, SAI sets its SAIHUB as a community heating center for residential and farm heating, and the indoor temperature can be stabilized at 28-30 degrees celsius.

Satoshi Nakamoto said in the forum message on August 9, 2010 that "Bitcoin generation should end up where it's cheapest. Maybe that will be in cold climates where there's electric heat, where it would be essentially free.". SAI.TECH will continue to explore the North Asia and North American markets to promote the global cleanup of computing power and effectively help reduce carbon emissions in three major industries: Computing , Electricity, and Heating.

SAI.TECH is expected to achieve carbon neutrality in 2022 by formulating seasonal solutions, using renewable energy, managing water resources and compensating for carbon emissions. However, it is far from enough that only one enterprise in an industry attaches importance to energy conservation and carbon reduction. Instead, more enterprises need to stand up and take concrete actions to lead the industry to make changes together. SAI took the lead in setting up the industry's first non-profit self-regulatory organization OCEC (Organization of Clean Energy and Computing), which is now open to any organizations involved or interested in participating in computing and energy organizations and supporting OCEC's mission, including but not limited to companies and media.

When the industry is in the critical period of carbon neutral exploration and transformation, the establishment of OCEC organization plays a very important role in achieving the goal of net zero carbon emissions. It enlarges the strength of the group by closely connecting individuals with individuals, individuals with enterprises, and enterprises with enterprises, so that the whole society can finally achieve the goal of carbon neutrality.

As the initiator of OCEC, SAI.TECH is expected to lead OCEC to make a long-term impact in the four dimensions of Environment, Energy, Economy and Society. For the environment, cutting-edge technology and targeted solutions can reduce the negative impact of mining and supercomputing industries on human beings and the environment; In terms of energy, in addition to improving energy efficiency, it also increased the proportion of clean energy and realized peak shaving and consumption of idle energy; For the economy, members of the organization cooperate with each other to optimize infrastructure costs and improve investment return ratio; On the social side, it accelerates the establishment of industry influence and promotes international exchanges on clean computing power.


Mining and supercomputing industries, as new industries with great potential, are also facing a breakthrough in transformation. Besides becoming an important player in the carbon emission market, they are also making efforts to green economy and low-carbon environmental protection. Among them, SAI.TECH, as the leading enterprise in the industry, takes the lead in recognizing the importance of carbon emissions. On the one hand, it plays a leading role in energy conservation and emission reduction; on the other hand, it sets up an industry self-regulatory organization OCEC, and uses its influence to lead its peers to transform together. There is no doubt that SAI is outlining an achievable way forward for the whole world. Of course, this has also laid out a blueprint for a better future.

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