Hedge Fund Manager Whitney Tilson Putting Money In Market "Hand Over Fist"

October 6, 2008 10:03 AM EDT
At the Value Investing Congress, hedge fund manager, Whitney Tilson said he thinks this is a great opportunity to invest in the market and said, "We are putting money in hand over fist." But, Tilson's fund is still staying short financials. Tilson's fund is not adding adding any leverage. He bought equities last week and buying more today.

Whitney Tilson also said look at America's best investor, Warren Buffett, who has put more than $40 billion to work.

One of Whitney Tilson's favorite investment is Echostar Communications (Nasdaq: SATS).

-Guy Baron
EchoStar Corporation (EchoStar), formerly EchoStar Holding Corporation, will operate two primary businesses: digital set-top box business and a fixed satellite services business.
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