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EBF Balance Sheet

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Current assets
Cash 13.27M
Accounts receivable, net of allowance for doubtful receivables of $4,833 at August 31, 2011 and $4,814 at February 28, 2011 63.9M
Prepaid expenses 9.22M
Inventories 129.6M
Deferred income taxes 6.26M
Total current assets 222.41M
Property, plant and equipment, at cost
Plant, machinery and equipment 160.23M
Land and buildings 82.65M
Other 23.56M
Total property, plant and equipment 266.43M
Less accumulated depreciation 176.21M
Net property, plant and equipment 90.23M
Goodwill 115.22M
Trademarks and tradenames, net 62.9M
Customer lists, net
Deferred finance charges, net 335K
Other assets 3.34M
Total assets 541.89M
Current liabilities
Accounts payable 21.29M
Accrued expenses
Employee compensation and benefits 14.15M
Taxes other than income 866K
Federal and state income taxes payable 3.87M
Other 2.42M
Current installments of long-term debt
Total current liabilities 42.59M
Long-term debt 105.5M
Liability for pension benefits 2.19M
Deferred income taxes 23.5M
Other liabilities 1.18M
Total liabilities 174.97M
Commitments and contingencies 0
Shareholders' equity
Preferred stock $10 par value, authorized 1,000,000 shares; none issued 0
Common stock $2.50 par value, authorized 40,000,000 shares; issued 30,053,443 shares at August 31 and February 28, 2011 75.13M
Additional paid in capital 120.81M
Retained earnings 254.6M
Accumulated other comprehensive income (loss):
Foreign currency translation, net of taxes 65K
Unrealized loss on derivative instruments, net of taxes
Minimum pension liability, net of taxes -11.5M
Total accumulated other comprehensive income (loss) -11.43M
Treasury stock
Cost of 4,133,518 shares at August 31, 2011 and 4,197,567 shares at February 28, 2011 -72.19M
Total shareholders' equity 366.92M
Total liabilities and shareholders' equity 541.89M