Change in Nonfarm Payrolls 295K vs 235K Expected Mar 6, 2015 08:35AM
Many Fed Officials Inclined to Stay at Zero Longer; Dropping 'Patient' May Lead to Date Focus - FOMC Minutes Feb 18, 2015 02:02PM
Jan. Change in Nonfarm Payrolls 257K vs 228K Expected, UE Rate 5.7% Feb 6, 2015 08:36AM
UPDATE: Fed Saw Modest to Moderate Growth in Most Districts - Beige Book Jan 14, 2015 02:02PM
UPDATE: Change in Nonfarm Payrolls 252K vs 240K Expected; UE Rate 5.6% Jan 9, 2015 08:36AM

Jan 7, 2015 02:02PM Fed Officials saw Rate Rise Unlikely Before April - FOMC Minutes
Dec 5, 2014 03:54PM Top 10 News for 12/1 - 12/5: ECB Said Planning Stimulus; Saudi Arabia's Crude Tactics; Ennui Amid Job Gains
Dec 5, 2014 08:39AM UPDATE: Nov. Nonfarm Payrolls 321K vs 230K Expected, UE Rate 5.8% vs 5.8% Expected
Dec 3, 2014 02:01PM Job Gains 'Widespread' Across Fed districts - Beige Book
Nov 19, 2014 02:02PM UPDATE: Fed Officials Saw Need to Watch for Inflation Expectations to Drop - FOMC Minutes
Nov 7, 2014 08:34AM Change in Nonfarm Payrolls 214K vs 235K Expected; UE 5.8% vs 5.9%
Oct 15, 2014 02:02PM Most Regional Fed Banks Saw Modest or Moderate Economic Growth - Beige Book
Oct 8, 2014 02:01PM Fed Officials Saw Global Slowdown Among Risks to U.S. Outlook
Oct 3, 2014 08:35AM Nonfarm Payrolls Expanded 248K in Sept., Outpacing Views on Services, Retail, and Health Care Gains
Aug 20, 2014 02:03PM Many Fed Officials Said Job Gains Might Bring Rate Rise Sooner; Labor Market Still Far from Normal
Jul 9, 2014 02:03PM Some Fed Officials Saw Investors as Too Complacent on Risk - FOMC Minutes
Apr 9, 2014 02:02PM Several Fed Officials Said Forecasts Overstated Rate Rise Pace
Mar 17, 2014 03:05PM Fed Expected to Overhaul Language and End Numerical Thresholds - Deutsche Bank (SPY)
Mar 7, 2014 08:36AM Nonfarm Payrolls Rose 175K in Feb., Led by Gains in Trade, Services
Feb 19, 2014 02:05PM Fed to Change Rate Guidance as Unemployment Falls, Minutes Show
Jan 10, 2014 08:44AM Nonfarm Payrolls Rose 74K in December, Missing Expectations; Weather May Have Had Impact
Jan 8, 2014 02:02PM Fed Officials Saw Waning Benefits From Monthly Bond Purchases
Sep 6, 2013 08:39AM Gold Rises, Dollar Slumps Following Nonfarm Payroll Miss
Sep 5, 2013 03:35PM Gold, Silver Slump as Markets Look Toward Fed Tapering
Apr 8, 2013 06:57AM States Push 'Gold Standard' as Confidence in Fed Wanes
Apr 3, 2013 03:54PM Gold Closes at Nine-Month Low; Shorter QE Might Be in Play (GLD) (GDX)
Feb 3, 2012 12:22PM Notable ETF Movers of the Day 02/03: (SPY) (XLF) (FXI) Higher; (VXX) (UNG) (GLD) Lower
Oct 7, 2011 12:28PM Notable ETF Movers of the Day 10/07: (FXE) (GLD) (EWA) Higher; (UNG) (XLF) (XHB) Lower
Sep 2, 2011 02:12PM Notable 52-Week Highs and Lows of the Day 09/02: (AUY) (EGO) High; (STP) (IVR) (DB) Low
Sep 2, 2011 11:43AM Notable ETF Movers of the Day 09/02: (GLD) (VXX) (UUP) Higher; (XLF) (USO) (XRT) Lower
Jul 8, 2011 12:23PM Notable ETF Movers of the Day 07/08: (VXX) (GLD) (UUP) Higher; (SPY) (USO) (TAN) Lower
Jul 6, 2011 11:44AM Notable ETF Movers of the Day 07/06: (VXX) (GLD) (UUP) Higher; (FXI) (UNG) (XLF) Lower
Apr 4, 2011 12:50PM Notable ETF Movers of the Day 04/04: (FXI) (GLD) (XLE) Higher; (EWJ) (SMH) (XRT) Lower
Apr 1, 2011 02:01PM Notable ETF Movers of the Day 04/01: (XLF) (MOO) (FXI) Higher; (VXX) (UNG) (GLD) Lower
Mar 31, 2011 12:00PM Notable ETF Movers of the Day 03/31: (USO) (GLD) (FXI) Higher; (XRT) (EWJ) (UNG) Lower
Jan 5, 2011 12:03PM Notable ETF Movers of the Day 01/05: UUP, SPY, USO Higher; GLD, UNG, VXX Lower
Oct 7, 2010 11:53AM Notable ETF Movers of the Day 10/07: XRT, TAN Higher; GLD, XLE, UNG Lower
Sep 9, 2010 12:01PM Notable ETF Movers of the Day 09/09: XLF, USO, XHB Higher; UNG, VXX, GLD Lower
Sep 3, 2010 12:37PM Notable ETF Movers of the Day 09/03: XLF, XRT, SPY Higher; USO. GLD, VXX Lower
Sep 2, 2010 11:49AM Notable ETF Movers of the Day 09/02: SPY, XRT, GLD Higher; VXX, USO, UUP Lower
Aug 31, 2010 05:53PM Gold Settles High, Oil Low as Investors Weigh Economic Data, Looming Jobs Report (GLD, OIL, USO, More...)
Aug 9, 2010 12:04PM Notable ETF Movers of the Day 08/09: XRT, USO, FXE Higher; UNG, KBE, GLD Lower
Aug 6, 2010 11:44AM Notable ETF Movers of the Day 08/06: VXX, GLD, FXE Higher; SPY, XLE, XLF Lower
Jul 2, 2010 12:12PM Notable ETF Movers of the Day 07/02: OIH, GLD, FXE Up; VXX, UNG Down
Dec 4, 2009 12:33PM Notable ETF Movers 12/04: UUP, UNG Up; XME, GDX, GLD, SLV Down
Dec 4, 2009 10:34AM Unemployment Data Brings Hope: Art Hogan Weighs In
May 19, 2009 04:53PM Smart Money Makes BIG Bets That Inflation Is Coming (GLD, GDX, OIH)
Dec 12, 2008 05:09PM Top 10 News Items 12/8-12/12: Madoff Shocks the Investment World; House Turns Down Auto Bailout Bill; Large Scale Layoffs Continue