Notable Analyst Rating Changes 9/30: (AA) (FBC) (SSE) Upgraded; (TIBX) (ECYT) (ARMH) Downgraded Sep 30, 2014 10:24AM
Jefferies Starts Apple (AAPL) at Hold, $110 Price Target Sep 30, 2014 07:09AM
Fossil (FOSL) and Apple (AAPL) Watch Can Co-Exists, Jefferies Says Sep 10, 2014 07:03AM
Notable 52-Week Highs and Lows of the Day 8/19: (AAPL) (JRJC) (HD) High; (RDEN) (S) Low Aug 19, 2014 02:56PM
Pre-Open Stock Movers 7/23 (PBYI) (ISRG) (BIIB) Higher; (XNLX) (MEET) (XOOM) Lower (more...) Jul 23, 2014 09:23AM
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Jul 16, 2014 10:44AM Notable Analyst Rating Changes 07/16: (MLNX) (CSH) (WDC) Upgraded; (KORS) (ROST) (HSY) Downgraded
Jul 16, 2014 09:33AM Pre-Open Stock Movers 7/16: (ZIPR) (TWX) (IGT) Higher; (ININ) (BIOA) (POZN) Lower (more...)
Jul 14, 2014 10:36AM Notable Analyst Rating Changes 07/14: (AAPL) (NDAQ) (RAI) Upgraded; (QCOM) (EBAY) (WFC) Downgraded
May 28, 2014 07:05AM Asia Trip Shows Robust Apple (AAPL) Enthusiasm, Innovation; iWatch Could Be Announced 'Any Time' - Jefferies
Apr 24, 2014 06:47AM Apple (AAPL) Estimates Raised at Jefferies Post Q2; Buy Ahead of iPhone 6 Launch
Apr 14, 2014 05:17PM Market Wrap: Strong Retail Sales Gains in March; Citi Soars on Q1 Results; KKR & Co. to Unload Ipreo
Apr 14, 2014 07:41AM Apple (AAPL) Considering Raising iPhone 6 Prices
Mar 27, 2014 07:59AM Apple (AAPL) Q1 iPhone Estimates Trimmed at Jefferies
Mar 24, 2014 09:32AM Pre-Open Stock Movers 3/24: (NUS) (MVIS) (HLF) Higher; (NBR) (NTAP) (WLT) Lower (more...)
Mar 18, 2014 12:09PM's Hot Lunchtime Reads 03/18: (MSFT) (CMG) (C) (AAPL) (IRWD)
Mar 5, 2014 07:24AM Late Summer Apple (AAPL) iPhone 6 Likely, Jefferies Says
Feb 24, 2014 10:26AM Notable Analyst Rating Changes 02/24: (ED) (CMCSA) (HAL) Upgraded; (DDD) (AAPL) (NEM) Downgraded
Feb 13, 2014 12:39PM Apple (AAPL) Transition Qtr a Bit Weaker Ahead of Major iPhone 6 Product Cycle
Jan 28, 2014 06:52AM Apple (AAPL) Estimates/PT Cut by Jefferies' Peter Misek
Jan 14, 2014 08:20AM Expect Solid Results and Guidance from Apple (AAPL) - Jefferies; Estimates Raised
Jan 8, 2014 12:11PM's Hot Lunchtime Reads 01/08: (JCP) (AAPL) (RVBD) (ARTC)
Jan 2, 2014 10:43AM Notable Analyst Rating Changes 01/02: (ASNA) (AF) (AEO) Upgraded; (ADI) (AAPL) (AMRS) Downgraded
Jan 2, 2014 09:28AM Pre-Open Stock Movers 1/2: (PLUG) (WPCS) (MCP) Higher; (UNXL) (DRYS) (AAPL) Lower (more...)
Dec 24, 2013 12:07PM's Hot Lunchtime Reads 12/24: (TWTR) (MCK) (DDD) (AAPL)
Dec 24, 2013 10:53AM China Mobile (CHL) Targets Lowered Amid New iPhone Deal, MIIT Rate Policy - Jefferies (AAPL)
Dec 18, 2013 08:34AM Apple (AAPL) Slapped on a Double Dose of Negative News
Dec 16, 2013 06:49AM Apple (AAPL) Estimates Raised, Price Target Hiked to $650 at Jeffereis Following Latest Survey
Dec 3, 2013 05:21PM Market Wrap: Detroit Bankruptcy Approved; Auto Sales Soar in November; Job Cuts at Potash
Dec 2, 2013 02:45PM Apple (AAPL) Qtr May Be Tracking to the High End after Strong Black Friday - Jefferies
Nov 25, 2013 03:51PM Apple (AAPL) PrimeSense Acqusiton Could Hint at iTV - Jefferies
Oct 24, 2013 12:13PM's Hot Lunchtime Reads 10/24: (JCP) (AAPL) (FFIV) (EQIX)
Oct 23, 2013 09:14AM Apple (AAPL) EPS Estimates Raised at Jefferies; iPad Trimmed, iPhone Lifted
Oct 7, 2013 10:58AM Notable Analyst Rating Changes 10/07: (AAPL) (UMPQ) (BBRY) Upgraded; (QCOM) (TOL) (AA) Downgraded
Oct 7, 2013 10:27AM Haters be Damned, Peter Misek Has Been Great on Apple (AAPL)
Oct 7, 2013 09:33AM Pre-Open Stock Movers 10/7: (OUTR) (BBRY) (LAZ) Higher; (ATOS) (DRYS) (PWRD) Lower (more...)
Oct 7, 2013 06:43AM Jefferies Upgrades Apple (AAPL) to Buy, $600 PT
Sep 24, 2013 11:00AM Notable Analyst Rating Changes 09/24: (FB) (AAPL) (BBRY) Upgraded; (FFIV) (EMC) (ADP) Downgraded
Sep 20, 2013 06:55AM Microsoft (MSFT) Focused on Touch-Optimized Office, Bolstering Mobile/Enterprise - Jefferies
Sep 19, 2013 07:13AM Apple's (AAPL) Move to 64-Bit Processer in iPhone is 'Game Changer' - Jefferies' Misek
Sep 13, 2013 07:01AM Jefferies Cuts PT on Apple (AAPL) to $425; 'Terrible' Yields on Touch Sensors = Lower Shipments
Sep 11, 2013 08:53AM Wall Street Jeers Apple's (AAPL) iPhone 5C Pricing
Sep 11, 2013 07:51AM Choppy Trading Ahead for Apple (AAPL) - Jefferies
Sep 5, 2013 06:58AM Apple (AAPL) Sept 10 iPhone Event: What to Expect - Jefferies
Sep 4, 2013 09:39AM Pre-Open Stock Movers 9/4: (ROCM) (CIEN) (MU) Higher; (FRAN) (HRB) (HAIN) Lower (more...)
Sep 3, 2013 09:38AM Apple's (AAPL) iPhone 5s & 5c May Have 'Disappointing Sell-Through' - Jefferies
Aug 2, 2013 12:17PM's Hot Lunchtime Reads 08/02: (CFN) (AAPL) (ELY) (LNKD) (AIG)
Aug 2, 2013 12:07PM New Moto X is Nice, But No Game-Changer; Still Bullish on Apple (AAPL) iPhone 5 - Jefferies
Aug 1, 2013 06:58AM Weak Apple (AAPL) iPhone 5S Launch Now the Consensus, PT Raised - Jefferies
Jul 24, 2013 07:00AM Apple (AAPL) Estimates Raised at Jefferies After Q3 Earnings; Hold Rating Maintained
Jul 18, 2013 12:07PM's Hot Lunchtime Reads 07/18: (XLNX) (ALL) (AAPL) (HON) (RAD)
Jul 15, 2013 08:48AM Apple's (AAPL) iPhone 5S Production to Start this Month; Build Plans Heavy - Jefferies
Jul 11, 2013 08:35AM Apple (AAPL) Seen Reporting In-Line Q2, Weak Outlook - Jefferies
Jun 26, 2013 10:00AM Samsung ATIV Q is Impressive; Poses Compelling Alternative to Apple (AAPL) iOS - Analyst
Jun 24, 2013 12:05PM Despite Fears, Apple (AAPL) Could 'Beat' Q3 Views - BMO Capital
Jun 24, 2013 07:13AM Jefferies Cuts PT on Apple (AAPL) to $405; Lowers Ests on iPhone Production Cuts
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