SCLN Financial Facts

Sales and marketing: 14.86M
Other (expense) income, net: -205K
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Property and equipment, net: -4.52M
Cash and cash equivalents: -186.83M
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SciClone Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (SCLN) Earnings

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Next EPS Date 5/10/16 EPS Growth Rate -100.0% *Last Qtr.
Average EPS % Beat Rate +197.9% Revenue Growth Rate -100.0% *Last Qtr.
Average % Move 1-Wk after EPS +8.9% Normal Earnings Time After Close
Date  Qtr EPS Cons. Surprise Revs Cons. Gd. 1-Week % 1-Day % Details
5/10/16 Q116 N/AN/A N/A N/AN/A N/A N/A N/A
3/10/16 Q415 $0.30N/A N/A $42.9M$41.1M N/A Details
11/9/15 Q315 $0.23N/A N/A $42.9M$34.3M N/A Details
8/10/15 Q215 $0.26$0.12 +$0.14$37.9M$37.27M N/A Details
5/11/15 Q115 $0.19$0.03 +$0.16$33.6M$34M N/A Details
11/10/14 Q314 $0.17$0.12 +$0.05$34.3M$34.9M Details
8/11/14 Q214 $0.20$0.10 +$0.10$32.5M$33.4M Details
5/12/14 Q114 $0.10$0.08 +$0.02$26.6M$32.2M Details