CFFN Financial Facts

Salaries and employee benefits: 10.86M
MBS: 16.86M
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Advance payments by borrowers for taxes and insurance: 55.04M
Prepaid Federal Insurance Premium: 20.45M
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Capitol Federal Financial (CFFN) Earnings

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Next EPS Date 1/29/16 *Est. EPS Growth Rate +27.3% *Last Qtr.
Average EPS % Beat Rate -0.2% Revenue Growth Rate N/A
Average % Move 1-Wk after EPS +0.2% Normal Earnings Time Before Open
Date  Qtr EPS Cons. Surprise Revs Cons. Gd. 1-Week % 1-Day % Details
10/29/15 Q413 $0.14$0.14 $0.00N/AN/A N/A Details
7/29/15 Q313 $0.14N/A N/A N/AN/A N/A Details
7/29/13 Q213 $0.13$0.12 +$0.01N/A$44.42M N/A Details
1/29/13 Q113 $0.12N/A N/A N/AN/A N/A Details
10/31/12 Q412 $0.11$0.11 $0.00N/A$45.3M N/A Details
10/31/11 Q411 $0.10$0.11 -$0.01N/AN/A N/A Details
11/17/10 Q410 $0.21$0.23 -$0.02N/AN/A N/A Details