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GS Cash Flow Statement

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Cash flows from operating activities
Net earnings 5.05B
Non-cash items included in net earnings
Depreciation and amortization
Share-based compensation 1.94B
Changes in operating assets and liabilities
Cash and securities segregated for regulatory and other purposes 2.31B
Net receivables from brokers, dealers and clearing organizations
Net payables to customers and counterparties
Securities borrowed, net of securities loaned
Securities sold under agreements to repurchase, net of securities purchased under agreements to resell and federal funds sold
Financial instruments owned, at fair value
Financial instruments sold, but not yet purchased, at fair value
Other, net -2.89B
Net cash provided by operating activities 1.77B
Cash flows from investing activities
Purchase of property, leasehold improvements and equipment
Proceeds from sales of property, leasehold improvements and equipment
Business acquisitions, net of cash acquired 15.75B
Proceeds from sales of investments
Purchase of available-for-sale securities
Proceeds from sales of available-for-sale securities
Net cash provided by/(used for) investing activities 11.3B
Cash flows from financing activities
Unsecured short-term borrowings, net
Other secured financings (short-term), net
Proceeds from issuance of other secured financings (long-term) 2.38B
Repayment of other secured financings (long-term), including the current portion -6.49B
Proceeds from issuance of unsecured long-term borrowings 39.13B
Repayment of unsecured long-term borrowings, including the current portion
Derivative contracts with a financing element, net
Deposits, net 10.51B
Preferred stock repurchased
Common stock repurchased -4.59B
Dividends and dividend equivalents paid on common stock, preferred stock and restricted stock units -1.24B
Proceeds from issuance of common stock, including stock option exercises 1M
Excess tax benefit related to share-based compensation 97M
Cash settlement of share-based compensation
Net cash used for financing activities 11.36B
Net increase/(decrease) in cash and cash equivalents 24.43B
Cash and cash equivalents, beginning of year
Cash and cash equivalents, end of period
Cash payments for interest, net of capitalized interest
Cash payments for income taxes, net of refunds
Non-cash activities:
Debt assumed in connection with business acquisitions
Approximate increase in assets upon adoption of ASU No. 2009-17
Approximate increase in liabilities upon adoption of ASU No. 2009-17