Akoya Biosciences IPO Info

Company Name: Akoya Biosciences
Stock Symbol: AKYA
Exchange: NASDAQ
Status: Priced
IPO Date: 4/16/2021
IPO Price: 22.00 (-7.27%)
J.P. Morgan Securities LLC, Morgan Stanley & Co. LLC, Piper Sandler &Co., and Canaccord Genuity LLC

Amount of Offering: N/A
Number of Shares Offered: 6.58 Mil
Shares Outstanding After Offering: N/A
Valuation: N/A
Company Description
As The Spatial Biology Company, Akoya Biosciences’ mission is to bring context to the world of biology and human health through the power of spatial phenotyping. The company offers comprehensive single-cell imaging solutions that allow researchers to phenotype cells with spatial context and visualize how they organize and interact to influence disease progression and treatment response. Akoya offers two distinct solutions, the CODEX® and Phenoptics™ platforms, to serve the diverse needs of researchers across discovery, translational and clinical research.

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