TuSimple IPO Info

Company Name: TuSimple
Stock Symbol: TSP
Exchange: NASDAQ
Status: Priced
IPO Date: 4/15/2021
IPO Price: 40.00 (-8.08%)
Morgan Stanley, Citigroup, JP Morgan

Amount of Offering: N/A
Number of Shares Offered: 33.784 Mil
Shares Outstanding After Offering: N/A
Valuation: N/A
Company Description
We are an autonomous technology company that is revolutionizing the estimated $4 trillion global truck freight market.1 We have developed industry-leading autonomous technology specifically designed for semi-trucks, which has enabled us to build the world's first Autonomous Freight Network (AFN) in partnership with world-class shippers, carriers, railroads, freight brokers, fleet asset owners, and truck hardware partners. We believe that our technology and our AFN will make long haul trucking significantly safer as well as more reliable, efficient and environmentally friendly, creating significant benefits for all who rely on the freight ecosystem to deliver essential goods.

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