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Viatris Inc (VTRS) Launches Unmind

May 1, 2024 6:59 AM

Viatris Inc. (NASDAQ: VTRS), a global healthcare company, recently launched Unmind as part of its global wellbeing program, Elevate. Unmind is a leading provider of workplace mental health solutions designed by psychologists to help individuals understand and be proactive with their mental health and lead healthier, happier lives.

"The mental wellbeing of our colleagues is extremely important and just one of the many reasons why Viatris introduced Elevate, our wellbeing program, in 2023 with the principles of health, purpose and growth," said Viatris' Chief People Officer Andrew Enrietti. "Providing access to benefits, resources and wellbeing tools like Unmind, which encourages colleagues to live life fully, is an essential part of our mission to empower people worldwide to live healthier at every stage of life."

Viatris' Elevate program has been built on three principles that help colleagues support their wellbeing:

A scientific brief released by the World Health Organization in 2022 reports rates of already-common conditions such as depression and anxiety went up by more than 25% in the first year of the Covid-19 pandemic, adding to the nearly one billion people who were already living with a mental disorder.1

These findings emphasize the importance of organizations simultaneously addressing employee engagement and wellbeing in the current and future workforce. That is why Viatris is focused on the goal of providing all colleagues with wellbeing resources, including access to mental health tools and support. Viatris is pleased to share that in 2024, all colleagues globally have access to mental health resources.

Sheila Muhl, Viatris' Head of Total Rewards and Talent, said, "At Viatris, we have a unique opportunity, because of our mission, to be a company that truly supports our colleagues focus on their health and wellbeing. Our partnership with Unmind expands the Elevate program by offering an important tool that recognizes and proactively supports their mental wellbeing, reduces the impact and stigma surrounding mental health and encourages each one of us to live life fully."

Tailored for Personal Focus
Unmind's free and confidential resources are available to Viatris colleagues and up to five family members or friends to help them proactively manage their mental health. Developed with experts and clinicians using the latest research, Unmind's approach is robustly science-led. The personalized program supports individuals to achieve their personal goal, whether that be managing stress, sleeping better or increasing happiness.

Dr. Nick Taylor, Co-founder & CEO, of Unmind said: "We are delighted to partner with Viatris to bring our data-based mental health support to their global team. It's refreshing to see a healthcare organization not only advocate for the wellbeing of others, but also actively invest in the health of their own people. Our partnership reflects our shared vision of a world where mental health is not an afterthought but a priority, and is a significant step towards destigmatizing conversations about mental health in the workplace."

Viatris has approximately 300 colleagues around the world who have volunteered to participate in the Elevate champions network. Champions are supporting the roll out of Unmind, engaging employees locally and ensuring this essential topic of mental wellbeing is discussed year-round.

To learn more about Viatris' culture, visit the Company's 2022 Sustainability Report or careers page. To learn more about Unmind, visit https://unmind.com/.

1World mental health report: Transforming mental health for all (who.int)


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