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The Choice of Riding for a World Journey - QJMOTOR Makes a Stunning Appearance with Its Full Categories at the Canton Fair

April 16, 2024 9:40 AM

Guangzhou Pazhou International Convention and Exhibition Center welcomes the first phase of the China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair)

On April 15, 2024, Guangzhou Pazhou International Convention and Exhibition Center welcomes the first phase of the China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair), over 60,000 consumers embarked on international excursions on the inaugural day. The total area of the exhibition reaches 1.55 million square meters, and 28,600 enterprises participate in the export exhibition, of which there will be more than 4,300 new exhibitors, and 680 enterprises will participate in the import exhibition of the Canton Fair. In this annual event where all merchants draw together like clouds, the motorcycle industry has attracted much attention, and the long-awaited QJMOTOR motorcycles appear again. QJMOTOR shines at the Canton Fair with its all-category strategic layout, leading the new trend of the motorcycle industry, bringing more surprises and enjoyment to riders, and showing the world its leading charm in the motorcycle industry.

As a leading enterprise in the motorcycle industry, QJMOTOR takes "all in one" as the theme of the exhibition, highlighting the ambition of its all-category strategic layout, and is committed to creating a global, all-category, all-displacement, cost-effective model. Regarding product planning, as QJMOTOR is familiar with the market pulse, it takes diversification and innovation as the core to create an all-category matrix to meet the diversified needs of consumers.

Regarding corporate strength, QJMOTOR has built solid barriers to competition, supported by its strong R&D and production capabilities. QJMOTOR has always adhered to the brand concept of "pursuit of excellence, leading the future" to create new ideas and constantly lead the industry trend. With its accurate market insight and all-category layout strategy, QJMOTOR stands out in the fierce market competition and has become the industry leader.

With accurate insight into market conditions, QJMOTOR closely follows industry trends and grabs market opportunities with an all-category layout. As a brand strategy, QJMOTOR takes “All in One" as the lead, makes comprehensive efforts to create a new height of the brand, and leads the new industry trend. At the 2024 Canton Fair, QJMOTOR will take this concept and promote its latest masterpiece.

At the Canton Fair, QJMOTOR takes the all-category strategy as the lead and makes an all-around effort. The models on display have a fashionable appearance and excellent performance, but they also integrate advanced technology elements and humanized design, making the riding experience more comfortable, safe and convenient. At this exhibition, QJMOTOR not only persists in upgrading the fuel-powered vehicle series but also introduces a variety of eco-friendly electric travel vehicles, including E-KVP, TQ, and OMO 07, aiming to offer more diverse and environmentally friendly travel alternatives to consumers worldwide.

SRK 550: The Power of the Moment

The SRK 550 has attracted the attention of countless motorcycle enthusiasts with its powerful engine and elegant appearance style. Its stable handling and excellent acceleration make it a great choice on the road for riders to let their passion run wild.

SRK 921 RR: The Quest Beyond Limits

The SRK 921 RR is the result of QJMOTOR's relentless pursuit of ultimate performance. Using the most advanced technology and craftsmanship, it takes the riding experience to a whole new level, bringing unparalleled speed and passion to riders.

SRT 700 SX: The Perfect Companion for Urban Adventure

With its excellent control and adaptability, the SRT 700 SX is the perfect choice for urban explorers. Whether on busy city streets or rugged mountain trails, it offers riders endless fun and challenges.

SFA 1000: Rise of the King of the Desert

The SFA 1000 is a masterpiece of QJMOTOR in off-road vehicles. Its powerful off-road performance and stable controllability allow riders to conquer a variety of complex terrains easily and enjoy the charm of the King of the Desert.

From the powerful SRK 550 to the ultimate performance SRK 921 RR, from the perfect companion for urban adventure SRT 700 SX to the masterpiece SFA 1000 of the King of the Desert, QJMOTOR's product line covers all kinds of riding scenarios, demonstrating its outstanding technical strength and innovation. We will continue to make unremitting efforts to introduce more and better products and provide a more excellent riding experience for most motorcycle friends so that every rider can crisscross the world with great ease and enjoy the fun of freedom and speed.


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