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EPILLO launches Blockchain-based Smart wearables to revolutionize the Healthcare & Fitness Industry

October 14, 2022 7:30 AM

EPILLO launches Blockchain-based Smart wearables to revolutionize the Healthcare & Fitness Industry.

Epillo.io represents the Blockchain vertical of Epillo Health Systems wherein the WEB 3.0 & Blockchain technology has been harnessed to develop a disruptive IoT smart-wearable range, "Fitmint Wear", coupled with the exciting features of NFT-based Gamification, NFTs, Health products & services marketplace and Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

Epillo Health Systems taking its giant entry in blockchain, as well as the healthcare & fitness sector, is all set to launch its first smartwatch, which it claims, holds the potential of revolutionizing the healthcare & fitness industry- once and for all. Before entering the world of blockchain, Epillo Health ventured into healthcare with three brands under its name; Epillo HealthHUB™ (Retail Health & Medicine), Freshwey™ (Health-Food), and INTRx™ (Technology with WIPO Gazetted Patent on Drug-Food Interaction Management).

As for their fourth and most important project, Aasif Shah, the Co-founder and CEO of Epillo Health Systems, says, "Our goal is not to hand our customer just another smartwatch, as the market is already flooded with many, but to deliver them utmost privacy, health data security, and a key to explore the wonders of Web 3.0 in a smart wearable."

FitMint Wear is a first-of-its-kind smartwatch which runs on blockchain technology while opening new doors to the world of web 3.0. Some features include NFT Gaming, Crypto Wallet, Health data on the chain, Crypto Staking, and a new marketplace for NFTs and Healthcare products. While the features of FitMint Wear paint a whole different picture about the smartwatch, placing it in a new category of smart wearables, Mr. Areeb Ahmad, a member of the Founding Team of the Company and the Global Head of Blockchain & Strategy, begs to differ. "We are not creating a new sort of smart wearable, but simply presenting the existing health features in a more improvised manner with more accuracy while adding certain innovative features that we believe is the need of the hour," Areeb Ahmad adds.

While trying to democratize the health-tech industry, Epillo is attempting to target the whole community of NFT gamers as well by introducing NFT gaming in its smartwatch. The gamification allows gamers to earn real cryptocurrency. According to the litepaper launched by Epillo.io, the game could be played in 11 different sports modes with 3 badges that will decide the difficulty level and also the crypto earning of an individual. Interestingly, the achievements made by an individual will upgrade his NFT and make it more valuable, which he can trade as well with other collectors or gamers.

To better understand its other verticals, such as NFT Marketplace or Health data on Chain, Epillo launched its whitepaper globally on the 5th of October at Crypto Expo, Dubai. Prior to the launch of their smartwatch, Epillo is again set to launch its token by the end of October, which will be known after the name of the brand itself, as per the litepaper. While the gamers will earn crypto in the company's native token, EPILLO, with an in-built crypto wallet- the token can be swapped with other native tokens as well, giving power to the user.

The newcomers in the crypto world who find NFT gaming too complicated can also generate an attractive annual percentage yield (APY) by simply holding their tokens with staking. The EPILLO token will also provide an ambit of Medical, Health & Wellness products & services to the users, which includes Global Health consultations, Genomics testing (DNA) & Clinical testing services, Nutraceuticals, Health Products, Medical Aids & Devices, Health Insurance, Health Retail Investments, etc.

Talking about their DeFi product, the Epillo Health Token (EPILLO) is the native token of the project. It will be deployed initially on the Polygon (Ethereum Scaling Blockchain) chain. EPILLO will offer fast and low-cost transactions with a secure and scalable network for the community.

The goal with EPILLO Health Token is to create a sustainable economy by offering multiple utilities in the entire Epillo Ecosystem while aligning the incentives for all the stakeholders of the system- Community, builders, developers, and investors.

When asked whether this project has anything for the future of the Healthcare & Blockchain industry, as Epillo group started off as a healthtech company, Dr. Bhupinder Singh, Chairman of the Board at Epillo Health Systems, says, "The healthcare industry is arguably one of the largest industries. Epillo Health Systems will focus on the segments of Retail health, Health-tech, Digital health, and Consumer healthcare of this mega USD 6873 billion industry. To start with, we are encouraging more privacy to the user by letting the users store their health & fitness data in distributed decentralized ledgers and share it peer-to-peer with their healthcare providers."

For more information on the project, check out www.epillo.io

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