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Tesla (TSLA) Poised for 'Super Record Quarter' with Deliveries That Could Exceed 500K - Chowdhry

September 6, 2022 11:00 AM

Global Equities Research analyst Trip Chowdhry offered some positive takeaways on Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) following his latest factory checks. Chowdhry said the EV maker is "poised for a super record quarter."

Chowdhry highlighted the following after his Fremont factory checks:

  1. When USA is taking Labor Day Weekend off - TSLA Employees are very hard at Work
    • TSLA Employees motivation is unparalleled in the Industry
  2. The time from Production, to the vehicle being put on the Shipping Trucks continues to be at-least 10% more efficient vs. last quarter
    • We continue to Observe TSLA Vehicles being in the holding area for less time vs. previous quarter
  3. Model S Plaid ($136K) Production and Deliveries have Significantly ramped up
    • on about 20 mile stretch on HWY 101, on an average, we see about 3 Model S Plaid, with Temporary License Plate
    • Temporary License plate indicates a recent vehicle purchase

Chowdhry followed those comments up, noting that in addition to Fremont Giga Austin production significantly ramped up starting September 01, 2022:

  1. Elon has slept in Giga Austin Factory for about 3 nights in August
  2. Multiple Delivery trucks with Model Y have started to leave Giga Austin each day - starting September 1
  3. Very steep increase in production and deliveries from Giga Austin
  4. Confident 4Q'2022 Deliveries to be at least 500,000
    • 4Q'2022 Deliveries from Giga Shanghai = 246,000 Units
    • 4Q'2022 Deliveries from Fremont Factory = 145,000 Units
    • 4Q'2022 Deliveries from Giga Berlin Factory = 60,000 Units
    • 4Q'2022 Deliveries from Giga Austin Factory = 60,000 Units
    • Total 4Q'2022 Deliveries = 511,000 Units


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