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IBM (IBM) Announces President Jim Whitehurst Leaving

July 2, 2021 10:25 AM

(Updated - July 2, 2021 10:25 AM EDT)

IBM (NYSE: IBM) announced that President Jim Whitehurst will be stepping down, among other management changes. Whitehurst came to IBM from Red Hat, where he was CEO. IBM acquired Red Hat in 2019.

The company announced:

Our hybrid cloud and AI strategy is strongly resonating with clients. I believe we are at a watershed moment in our journey. As the world begins to reopen, IBM has a unique opportunity to be positioned for a new and exciting era of growth, continue to accelerate the rate and pace of execution of our strategy, and strengthen our client-centric culture and our ability to provide technical expertise.

To that end, we are announcing a series of important leadership changes effective immediately:

Bringing value to our clients is—and must continue to be—our north star. For our clients as well as for IBM, our technology platform and services serve as an important driver of business growth. With these changes, I am confident that IBM will be in a stronger position to help our clients and our business thrive.

I look forward to continuing the critical work that we do for business and society around the world with this exceptional leadership team.


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