January 15, 2021 12:27 PM


Supplement dated January 15, 2021

to the current Prospectuses for each applicable Goldman Sachs Fund

that offers Class A Shares and/or Class C Shares (each, a “Fund”)

For purposes of this supplement, references to “a Fund” and “the Funds” shall refer to, and be replaced by, “the Fund” as such defined term may be used to refer to a Fund in a Prospectus.

Effective immediately, the following replaces in its entirety the “Appendix C—Additional Information About Sales Charge Variations, Waivers and Discounts—Ameriprise Financial section or “Appendix D—Additional Information About Sales Charge Variations, Waivers and Discounts—Ameriprise Financial section, as applicable, of each Fund’s Prospectus:



The following information applies to Class A shares purchases if you have an account with or otherwise purchase Fund shares through Ameriprise Financial:

Shareholders purchasing Fund shares through an Ameriprise Financial retail brokerage account are eligible for the following front-end sales charge waivers, which may differ from those disclosed elsewhere in this Fund’s prospectus or SAI:



Employer-sponsored retirement plans (e.g., 401(k) plans, 457 plans, employer-sponsored 403(b) plans, profit sharing and money purchase pension plans and defined benefit plans). For purposes of this provision, employer-sponsored retirement plans do not include SEP IRAs, Simple IRAs or SAR-SEPs.


Shares purchased through reinvestment of capital gains distributions and dividend reinvestment when purchasing shares of the same Fund (but not any other fund within the same fund family).


Shares exchanged from Class C shares of the same fund in the month of or following the 7-year anniversary of the purchase date. To the extent that this prospectus elsewhere provides for a waiver with respect to exchanges of Class C shares or conversion of Class C shares following a shorter holding period, that waiver will apply.


Employees and registered representatives of Ameriprise Financial or its affiliates and their immediate family members.


Shares purchased by or through qualified accounts (including IRAs, Coverdell Education Savings Accounts, 401(k)s, 403(b) TSCAs subject to ERISA and defined benefit plans) that are held by a covered family member, defined as an Ameriprise financial advisor and/or the advisor’s spouse, advisor’s lineal ascendant (mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, great grandmother, great grandfather), advisor’s lineal descendant (son, step-son, daughter, step-daughter, grandson, granddaughter, great grandson, great granddaughter) or any spouse of a covered family member who is a lineal descendant.


Shares purchased from the proceeds of redemptions within the same fund family, provided (1) the repurchase occurs within 90 days following the redemption, (2) the redemption and purchase occur in the same account, and (3) redeemed shares were subject to a front-end or deferred sales load (i.e. Rights of Reinstatement).

This Supplement should be retained with your Prospectus for future reference.




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