Bail Bonds Company in Reform Educates the Public on How the Process of Bail Bonds Work

September 30, 2019 1:10 PM

Reform, Ala. - Local bail bonds company in Reform,  Alabama Bail Bonds, has recently provided a beginner’s guide to bail bonds. The company recognizes the need for the general public to be informed about how bail bonds work, and they are dedicated to informing their community.

First, Alabama Bail Bonds wants their clients to know the definition of bail. Bails are payments given to a court so that an arrested person may be released from jail. Payment can be money or other forms of collateral like cars, property, or other possessions. It’s also important to remember that bail does not excuse a person from the crime that they were arrested for. They still must appear in court when they’re scheduled to.

The  bail agent in Pickens County  also informs their community about how bail prices are determined. Bail bonds vary greatly depending on a host of factors. The defendant’s previous criminal history, the severity of the crime, and if the defendant has access to money are all factors in determining bail prices. In other cases, a judge may decide to deny bail entirely. The judge will deny bail if there is strong evidence the defendant will flee after being released or they were convicted of a crime that would likely occur again if the defendant was set free.

Finally, Alabama Bail Bonds informs people what to do if they can’t pay their bail. Defendants can hire bail agents in Fayette County and work with them to pay their bills. According to the bonds company, “A bail bonding company will give the court the amount of the bail, in exchange for a percentage of the total cost of the bail. In turn, the bail bonding company will stand in for the defendant for the entire amount of bail with the court.”

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