Aquantia AQtion Multi-Gig NIC Selected by Lenovo for High-Performance ThinkStation Workstations

February 5, 2018 9:00 AM

Pushing the Limits of Productivity, Creativity and Innovation Calls for New Levels of Networking Performance

SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- With a focus on power, performance and reliability, Lenovo has selected the Aquantia AQtion AQN-108 Network Interface Card (NIC) to provide Ethernet connectivity of up to 5Gbps in its new P920, P720, P520 and P320 ThinkStation workstations as a configure-to-order option. The AQtion NIC supports 5G and 2.5Gbps Ethernet speeds over up to 100 meters of standard Cat 5e and Cat 6 copper cable, which is the typical existing cabling in most offices and professional environments.

The latest Lenovo ThinkStations can leverage the high-bandwidth capabilities of Aquantia AQN-108 to match processing performance of the most powerful, modern CPUs and GPUs, which were previously impeded by legacy Gigabit Ethernet – a standard which has stagnated for more than 15 years. These new ThinkStation workstations will be on display at SOLIDWORKS World in Los Angeles until February 7th.

“For our professional users, mission critical tasks require superior reliability and powerful performance. Speed at which a system completes a given task has a direct impact on productivity. That is why we chose the Aquantia AQtion AQN 108 NIC to speed up network transactions five-fold to complement the powerhouse components that Lenovo carefully selects for each product in the workstation line,” said Hector Guevarez, Senior Manager, Lenovo Workstation Products. “It is great to see the professional demand for Multi-Gig Ethernet being addressed by Aquantia in an inventive way; through a simple hardware upgrade without having to replace existing wiring and infrastructure.”

Just about every professional user – including architects, product and software designers, financial traders, medical staff and engineers – needs a high-performance, responsive, easy-to-use and reliable workstation to reach peak productivity. As data sets become richer and files become larger, those same professionals also need their workstations to have a connectivity solution that can handle the biggest CAD, CAM, Media and Entertainment, Life Science R&D or Virtual Reality content development challenges with ease.

By offering Aquantia Multi-Gig Ethernet capabilities, Lenovo is addressing the tidal wave of Internet traffic and the need to transfer massive data and design files locally – both choke points for systems hobbled by legacy Gigabit Ethernet. With the network ecosystem currently enjoying an influx of Multi-Gig switches from companies like Aruba Networks and Cisco, these new ThinkStation workstations are addressing the critical bottlenecks at the very edge of the network – where productivity is most impacted.

“Multi-Gig switches are widely available in the market from leading switch manufacturers and their deployment is surging. With interoperable Multi-Gig capabilities on end-user client systems, professional users will stand to gain increased productivity,” said LK Bhupathi, senior director of product marketing, Aquantia Corp. “Lenovo ThinkStation workstations lead the industry in offering the most comprehensive product offering which can meet the needs of any professional application. We are honored to work with them in stoking the pipelines of productivity, creativity and innovation.”

About the AQtion AQN-108

Aquantia’s AQN-108 is a game changer that enables networking to evolve beyond 1Gbps up to the 5Gbps, and 2.5Gbps rates. It is ideally suited for workstations and professional applications requiring the ability to move massive amounts of data in various forms over the Internet or across local networks. The AQtion AQN-108 NIC supports 5Gbps and 2.5Gbps Ethernet speeds over 100 meters of standard Cat 5e and Cat 6 copper cable. Compliant to the IEEE 802.3bz standard ratified in September 2016, the AQtion AQN-108 NIC is also backward-compatible with legacy 1000BASE-T Ethernet.

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