Two law firms unite to launch African Connection Protection to rescue investors from 419 Scams

November 16, 2017 10:33 PM EST

ABUJA, Nigeria, Nov. 16, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today two law firms announce the Business African Connection Protection (BACP) program for business investors considering or currently involved with investment opportunities in Africa. International law firm Robert Peterson & Fields Associates, P.C. and Nigeria-based law firm, Law Office of Roberts & Shoda. The program will be the first cooperative to launch a legal services program to global investors who want to get involved with an investment or business opportunity in Africa. 

Roberts & Shoda
Business African Connection Protection (BACP)

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Over the past two decades, or more since the beginning of the internet-era going mainstream, there have been an epidemic of international scams that range from everything to counterfeit cashier checks, bogus letters of credit and bank guarantees, counterfeit ‘black’ or ‘marked’ dollar bills that require special processing to remove ink or markings, bogus government documents delivered by corrupt government officials (or impostors posing as African government leaders), or the more notorious 419 letter scams.

This press article is definitely not to libel or slander African businesses or trading commerce in Africa. Cary Lee Peterson, a representative at Robert Peterson & Fields Associates says that "the purpose of this new service is to save clients time and money when considering getting involved with an investment opportunity in Africa that have cost hundreds and thousands of victims time and money that can cause irreparable damage and harm to your family or business with no possible recourse to recover or seek justice for the parties that defrauded them; some who aren’t even based in Africa when the initial scam is perpetrated."

Earlier this year a high profile businessman from New York City, who is a semi-celebrity co-starring in a popular reality TV series, contacted Cary Peterson about some investments that he had made in Ghana and South Africa over the few years. The puzzling part about this client is that he had an American business partner based in Ghana to oversee the investment projects but the alleged fraudsters were ‘pulling the wool over his eyes’, which led his American partner in Manhattan to believe that everything was on the up and up. Much like other investment scams, things went sour the day when the two American investors asked to see the books and withdraw cash equity from their investment that was supposedly active and making revenue for several years prior. Attorney Adeniyi Shoda consulted with the two investors and the next week visited Ghana to investigate the business affairs in Ghana and confirmed the American investor's ventures in African were all faux. None of the documents, statements, or information they received from their business contacts in Ghana were legitimate. The few thousand of dollars the two American men spent on ACBP saved them $75,000 that their business contact in Ghana said would be required to release of their funds made through their business investment.  

The new anti-fraud solution will help clients investigate a gold mine, gold bullion bars in the D.R. Congo, or diamonds in Equatorial Guinea with supposed ‘Kimberly’ certifications. Nonetheless, a potential investor should take the same precautions as they do when they’re contemplating buying real estate, acquiring a company, or making any type of substantial investment anywhere else in the world -- it's best to contact an attorney.

The ‘Business African Connection’ will cost a client less than $10,000 as opposed to pouring $25,000, $50,000, or $100,000 from your life savings, corporate credit line, or home equity line into a confidence scam that could be an independent grifter using social media to fleece his targets or an international crime ring with fifty to one hundred players that enable the coordination of a complex confidence scheme.


The law firm of thirteen lawyers is licensed to practice law in the Federal Republic of Nigeria and other countries of West Africa. One of the services the firm provides is to run due diligence for clients by verifying documents and business proposals with government agencies in Africa. The firm has many years of experience in corporate law has proved invaluable in meeting the needs of our Clients in this respect.


The law firm held in U.S. and Micronesia has over thirty legal associates, with branch offices in California, Colorado, Washington D.C., Canada, Europe, United Arab Emirates, and Australia. The firm offers attorney and paralegal services for lobbying, international affairs, governmental law, and elections law. Providing clients with robust advisory and representation with over 11 years in business and 200 years of attorney experience among over 30 attorney associates, collectively. Contact for Consultation: [email protected], or visit

Media Contact: Devin Blake - [email protected] 

Source: Roberts & Shoda

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