Lacking electricity, PT. Rimba Raya Conservation donates solar lanterns to help illuminate villages in Seruyan Regency, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia

June 28, 2016 12:38 AM EDT
Seruyan, Central Kalimantan, INDONESIA, Jun 28, 2016 - (ACN Newswire) - PT. Rimba Raya Conservation (PT. RRC) gradually donated 1704 units of solar lanterns since February 2016 to several partner villages around the work area of Ecosystem Restoration Program of PT RRC in Seruyan Regency, Central Kalimantan.Antonius Jonatan, General Manager, PT. RRC, explained that the solar lantern donation has been disbursed to 13 partner villages of PT RRC, namely: Ulak Batu (53 units), Telaga Pulang (73 units), Cempaka Baru (107 units), Palingkau (62 units), Baung (202 units), Jahitan (117 units), Muara Dua (115 units), Tanjung Rengas (172 units), Sungai Perlu (36 units), Pematang Limau (78 units), Sungai Undang (210 units), Kuala Pambuang I (65 units), Persil Raya (236 units). In addition, the village of Kuala Pambuang II will receive 94 units of solar lanterns in near future. Antonius Jonatan continued that the lack of electricity was suffered by almost 80 percents of villages around the concession area of PT. RRC. Hence,the villagers don't feel strange anymore to have blackout (to be in the dark) during the night, hindering them to conduct activities once the night falls. The villagers used to rely on the traditional, kerosene-fueled lamps as one of the lighting sources during the night while the generators are only available in a few villages."We hope the solar lanterns will give a significant impact to the life of all the villagers; kids can study well during the night, the village hall is enlivened with a wide range of activities, and people can pray together in the mosque. With the lantern installed, there's so many things they can do during the evening. In addition, since the lantern has a built-in radio, it allows the villagers to stay up-to-date and entertained. Moreover, through this initiative, we wanted to introduce and socialize the alternative energy to the villagers - a green, clean, and renewable energy," said Antonius.Nisa Jalil, Vice President of Public & Government Relation, PT. RRC, added, the Solar Lantern Program is a part of Community Development Program series conducted by PT RRC that parallel to the necessities of its partner villages."The solar lantern donation is a solid proof of our commitment to consistently conduct the Community Development Program in Seruyan Regency, Central Kalimantan," said Nisa Jalil.Djonni Andhella, President Director, PT RRC, affirmed that in addition to the Community Development Program, PT RRC, since 2013, has been performing the work programs in line with Climate Change and Biodiversity as the main components of Ecosystem Restoration."Aside from our main job in safeguarding, protecting, and conserving the forest within our concession area in Seruyan Regency, PT. RRC is also obligated to safeguard the forest's biodiversity as well as improving the quality of the villagers' life as the implementation of REDD+ program," said Djonni Andhella.The most urgent needsThe solar lantern is the best possible solution for all the villages around the concession area of PT. RRC where the state electricity is almost non-existent. President Director of PT. RRC, Djonni Andhella, asserted that PT. RRC has conducted a research and assessment on what the villagers need the most."Since the electricity is, by far, hard to reach these villages, and after performing the research, we've come up with the solar lantern being the best lighting solution during the night. By providing this solution, we really hope that these villages will come back to life during the night until morning, especially throughout the Ramadan month, where people pray together in the mosques in the evening and conduct sahur in two hours before dawn," stated Djonni Andhella.In the previous years, PT. RRC has also granted a wide range of things needed by each village, from the village hall construction to the cattle, fishing equipment provisions and also water filter for clean water."Going forward, PT. RRC will continue running researches on the necessities of the villagers in the framework of the villager's economic empowerment and to help fulfill their basic needs, such as electricity, clean water, and total sanitation," concluded Djonni Andhella.Villager's response to the solar lanterns The donation of 1704 units of solar lanterns to 14 partner villages around the concession area of PT. RRC has largely received positive response from the villagers. Askinah, a housewife living in Telaga Pulang village, shows her gratitude for the solar lantern as it helps her prepare the food unimpeded for her family every morning and evening.Mahrita, another housewife from Telaga Pulang village, said thanks to the lanterns, her kids can study comfortably during the night. In addition, her cell phone now can be regularly charged with the solar lantern.Mayah, commented on the provision of the solar lantern, "Thanks for the solar lantern, I think now I can start saving on the energy bills.""'After rain comes sunshine' might be the most representative term to describe how significantly impactful it is the solar lantern installation in Muara Dua village," said Arif, an elementary school student living in Muara Dua village.Mashud, a villager from Baung village, conveyed his gratitude, "The solar lanterns are significantly useful to illuminate the mosque and help invite the villagers to pray and conduct beneficial activities in the mosque during the night," said Mashud, a villager of Baung village on the benefits of the solar lanterns for the mosque."I want to thank PT. RRC for the solar lanterns because now Baung village is livened up... thanks for the solar lanterns," said Agus, another villager of Baung village. About PT. Rimba Raya ConservationPT. Rimba Raya Conservation was established to play its role in addressing a wide range of climate change impacts, both nationally and globally. Our commitment to the global climate change issue was clearly demonstrated by participating in 2012 Doha Climate Change Conference. PT. Rimba Raya, with its current license of the Timber Forest Product Utilization Restoration (IUPHHK-RE), is the private company pioneering the Ecosystem Conservation and Restoration that implements REDD+ ProgramOur commitment to the surrounding environment in our concession area in Seruyan Regency, Central Kalimantan province is reflected in our mission: to safeguard, protect, and restore the forest as the earth's lung by growing the trees and restoring the peat land that serves as the carbon capture and storage platform, as well as maintaining the forest ecosystem and its biodiversity as the source of life in order to help improve the quality of life of the community. Please visit Rimba Raya ConservationNisa JalilVice President for Public & Government Relations Email : [email protected]Copyright 2016 ACN Newswire . All rights reserved.

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