Huading Awards Group Announces New Award Categories and Voting Rules for the 36th Global Film and Television Huading Awards Ceremony on March 31, 2023

March 4, 2023 9:46 PM EST

LOS ANGELES (PRWEB) March 04, 2023

The 36th Global Film and Television Huading Awards hosted by the World Film Industry Conference (WFIC) is excited to announce the unveiling of the nominee categories for the global film and television industry at the 36th Huading Awards on March 31, 2023, at the Avalon Theater in Hollywood. The ceremony will also be taking place in Macau, China.

Wang Haige, Chairman of the Huading Awards Group, officially announced the selection process, awards and the selection criteria for the 36th Huading Awards in the United States. The Huading Awards aim to promote a more equitable competition internationally and help bridge the gap between the Asian and global entertainment industries. This is another measure taken by the Huading Awards Group after announcing its brand upgrade in January of this year, marking the introduction of new rules for the selection of film and television arts awards in the future. The award categories are designed to encourage the creation and development of excellent films and television dramas.

The new rules have undergone more than two years of research work. The Huading Awards Group Research Institute conducted the most detailed analysis of the feasibility of this selection to determine the future direction of the award categories. In the future, the new selection process and resources will be combined to enable the Huading Awards to develop and grow, while further strengthening marketization.

According to the new rules for the Huading Awards for Film and Television Art, there are three major categories: film, television art, and short films. Within these categories are three units: global, Chinese language, and youth short films. Among them, the global film is the main competition unit, with 17 awards, including the global best film, global best director, global best actor, global best actress, global best supporting actor, global best supporting actress, global best screenwriter, global best producer, global best new actor, global best song, global best animation, global best short film, and global film lifetime achievement award. The global television drama awards have nine awards, including the global best series, global best director, global best actor, global best actress, global most popular actor, global most popular actress, global best supporting actor, global best supporting actress, and global best screenwriter. In addition, the Huading Awards Group also set up three honorary awards independent of the Huading Awards, collectively known as the Huading Awards Council Award.

This year, a new award recognizing scientific and technical achievements in the film industry, similar to the Oscars, will be introduced, aimed at making the Huading Awards more scientific and comprehensive, narrowing the gap between the Huading Awards and international awards, and enhancing the competitiveness and excitement of the selection. The newly added technology awards include four important awards: global best visual effects, global best cinematography, global best art design, and global best editing. However, for the Huading Awards, which are known as the "global audience word-of-mouth award", the audience participating in the selection will face greater challenges.

The 36th Global Film and Television Art Huading Awards have also condensed the previous Chinese Films and China's Top 100 TV Drama Huading Awards held in Macau and Hong Kong. The Chinese language unit now consists of eight awards, including the Chinese language best film, Chinese language best director, Chinese language best actor, Chinese language best actress, Chinese language best series, Chinese language best director, Chinese language best actor, and Chinese language best actress. From the rules, the Chinese language unit is on par with the global unit as the main competition unit of the Huading Awards, which means that the status of China as a major film country has
been further enhanced.

Starting in 2023, there will be the following changes in the selection process for the Global Film and Television Art Huading Awards:

1. Preliminary stage: 31 mainstream media entertainment editors recommend 60 shortlisted films and TV dramas through voting based on market performance and production level, categorized by film and TV drama.

2. Survey stage: A questionnaire survey generates a list of the top 50 films or TV dramas. A third-party research company is commissioned to conduct audience satisfaction surveys through phone and online questionnaires, collecting evaluations of works from audiences in major Asian cities. Street surveys serve as effective supplements to the survey, accounting for no more than 10% of the total sample size. The total sample size of the survey is about 12,000 valid samples. The street and online questionnaire surveys use a three-level evaluation index system, consisting of three secondary indicators: basic elements, viewing value, and audience word-of-mouth. Under each secondary indicator are 31 tertiary indicators, such as story themes, character design, acting skills, art design, visual effects, dialogue design, character relationships, costume design, and scene design.

3. Nomination stage: The judging panel of the Huading Awards produces a list of 8-10 nominees for each award based on the scores of the survey questionnaire for each indicator, ranked among the top 20 films or TV dramas in the top 50 list, according to the definitions and standards of each award.

4. Voting stage: After being confirmed by the judging panel of the Huading Awards, the top 5 nominees for each award are selected through open voting by audiences online or in writing and are publicly announced in the media.

5. Final stage: The Huading Awards judging panel votes twice online or offline to produce the final winners. The voting results are kept confidential until the awards ceremony, where they are announced by the presenters.

Wang Haige also announced that the Huading Awards will become an entertainment award that prioritizes cost-effectiveness over the amount of cost and will introduce a budget cap for the first time - gradually increasing the budget for each Huading Awards to a maximum of 10-12 million US dollars. This budget will mainly be used to increase the sample size of pre-screening satisfaction surveys, improve production standards, and attract powerful celebrities and directors to join, ensuring a healthy and stable future for the Huading Awards and a fairer competition.

"The new rules will greatly change the way the Huading Awards operate, and this is the first time we have addressed the technical, entertainment, and financial aspects of the problem simultaneously," said Haige. "We deeply respect the DNA of the Huading Awards, which combines great entertainment competition, talented and wise movie professionals, dedicated teams, and leading rules. Our goal has always been to improve the competition in entertainment while making this selection healthier and more attractive to everyone."

The Huading Awards will continue to strive to become a top global entertainment award and a showcase platform for film, music, charity, and public welfare. The ceremony is currently broadcast on television and online in more than 50 countries and regions worldwide, attracting over 1.8 billion viewers. The awards solve financial struggles through sponsorships, and with the global broadcast comes commercial benefits for sponsors and the opportunity to attract new participants.

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