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April 18, 2024 10:50 AM EDT

In an era where technology is reshaping everyone’s lives, artificial intelligence (AI) pervades every aspect of education. Recognizing the growing need to equip students with essential skills, EdTek and Denovo introduce EssayTUTOR — an AI-driven solution designed to revolutionise the essay writing experience.

The team at EdTek has crafted a new AI-based education tool that helps undergraduate and graduate students structure, write and validate essays. EssayTUTOR has two aims: to help students master essay-writing skills, and to reduce professors’ burden of reviewing student essays.

The Decline of Reading and Writing Skills: A Call to Action

Today, people are reading even less than they used to: U.S. adults are reading roughly two to three fewer books per year than they did between 2001 and 2016, Gallup research shows. This decrease in reading is tied to a dramatic reduction in peoples’ cognitive abilities, in their power to think critically, as well as in their analytical skills, a number of psychological papers have found.

This decline in reading has also led to a decline in writing skills. To make matters worse, with the recent rise of generative-AI, people increasingly delegate writing tasks to chatbots – a trend that will further diminish students’ writing abilities. Thus, even though AI tools like ChatGPT bring many benefits, researchers worry that over-reliance on technology will further reduce students’ key communication skills.

However, AI is not just a cause for concern — it also presents an opportunity for positive change in education. Universities are constantly searching for innovative ways to enhance the learning experience, and AI will play a large role in that endeavor.

One example of such an opportunity is an AI tool designed to give students personalized help in structuring and writing their essays — EdTek’s EssayTUTOR. This new product aims to benefit both students and professors.

AI Essay Tutor: Personalized Feedback for Enhanced Learning

EssayTUTOR is built on twin goals: to supply students with customized feedback on their essays, and to grade/assess those essays to fit the teacher's own standards. The tool provides students with highly personalized, step-by-step feedback, and quickly generates assessments by comparing the essay to the teacher’s own trusted content sources. The tool is not just about flagging obvious grammar mistakes or punctuation, and it goes way beyond basic grading. EssayTUTOR highlights sentence-by-sentence how the student can improve the essay. The tool checks the evidentiary basis for students’ arguments, the quality of their reasoning, the correctness of any references – in short, it assesses all the details of an essay, in a way that until now could only be done by the intensive work of an expert human reader.

‘I think there is a huge value in tools that can help people master cognitive skills like analytical reasoning and critical thinking’, says Evgeny Smirnov, co-founder of EdTek and Denovo. ‘For me, essay-writing skills are crucial for anyone, and universities really need to pay more attention to them.’

But while strong writing skills are as essential as ever, the reading of large numbers of student essays inevitably strains faculty resources. That’s where EssayTUTOR comes in. The tool permits the creation of explicit rules for writing and structuring an essay. But it also supports total flexibility and customization of feedback and grading. The tool can’t (and shouldn’t) replace a teacher, but it can be a great accessory. It provides completely personalized feedback, but only after the student contributes their own free-form writing.

‘EssayTUTOR does not replace the traditional functions of a skilled professor,’ Smirnov says. ‘But it saves the professor’s time and energy, allowing the teacher to focus on specific tasks related to their particular field, whether that field is law, philosophy, psychology, or anything else requiring essay-writing skills. The rest – the dreaded task of reading and critiquing a large volume of student essays — is now handled by EssayTUTOR’.

The Future of AI in Education: A Collaborative Approach

There is a burning question in education: how can universities integrate AI tools to enhance education, without eliminating the vital role of educators? As universities explore the connection between AI and education, they need to acknowledge both the benefits and challenges that AI brings. With EssayTUTOR, universities can empower students to write better essays and improve their cognitive abilities, while at the same time preserving the invaluable role of teachers in shaping young minds.

By integrating EssayTUTOR into courses that require free-form essay writing, universities can embrace the power of AI to create an effective and engaging learning environment. EssayTUTOR lets faculty personalize their approach and deliver highly-targeted feedback, all while sparing teachers from the mind-numbing task of evaluating hundreds of essays.

Contact EdTek today to learn more about how EssayTUTOR can transform education and empower student success.

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