AppMakr Reaches 2 Million Mobile App's created on their Drag-and-Drop Platform

April 21, 2015 9:16 AM EDT

(PRWEB) April 21, 2015

AppMakr just passed 2 million new mobile apps started on their DIY platform. To highlight the tremendous growth of the mobile app market, it took the company three years to reach the first one million and only fourteen months to reach the second million. The company is on target to reach three million by the end of 2016 at its current pace.

"Never did I think I could say, the company is bigger than someone like Apple but in the mobile app arena this is now true, thanks to our millions of amazing publishers worldwide," said Jay Shapiro CEO and co-founder of AppMakr.

AppMakr is a different kind of company, one who truly practices what they preach. You won't find an office with a sign and a parking lot where employees come together five days a week. The entire company, all 60+ staff and million+ customers, gather exclusively in the cloud. The company CEO Jay Shapiro sat down with reporter Alice Gomstyn, The Record to talk about how this company was built in a different kind of way.

"The rapid success of AppMakr has only been possible because we could hire the very best people from around the world, rather than simply the best people who happen to live within a 30 mile radius of some arbitrary office location. We have developers in Spain, designers in Bulgaria, and customer support staff around the clock in Thailand, Egypt, India and Mexico. People we would never be able to work with if we were not a distributed organization," said Jay Shapiro. Jay's recent TEDx Talk -

AppMakr's publishers are entrepreneurs, teachers, bloggers and community organizations like sports teams and churches. AppMakr is available in 15 languages and 100 countries including the top growth mobile emerging markets of India, Brazil, China, and the Middle East.

AppMakr is constantly working to add new features, improve custom design options and provide security protections that small businesses can depend on. Just this year, AppMakr has introduced hundreds of customization options including private Live Chat Rooms allowing app users to enjoy closed secure group chats. A new partnership with MetaCert has made AppMakr the first mobile app making company in the world to incorporate malware and phishing protection within native apps.

"AppMakr's publishers are the first app developers able to actively protect their end-users from malicious attacks and inappropriate content that can sneak into their apps via third party links. With no coding experience needed, publishers literally tick a box to securely lock down their app," said Paul Walsh, CEO of MetaCert.

In an effort to give back, during this year's Hour of Code, AppMakr launched a free High School education curriculum containing four hands-on classroom sessions about the app economy and the principles of app creation and marketing. The AppMakr Mobile App curriculum, with its interactive lesson plans and technology-based approach, presents a unique opportunity for educators to help close this skill gap, one student at a time. Teachers can download the free classroom curriculum at:

"Sustainable giving back is never about just throwing money at some big goal or global problem, it's about creating focused efforts in the community, whether that community is a small schools, village or entire cities. The programs must be able to support themselves well into the future," said Jay Shapiro.

At AppMakr, we believe it is a myth that DIY mobile apps have look boilerplate or have limited capabilities. To demonstrate how each app can be created in a unique, personal way containing the information that a company, organization or individual is looking to convey, we have pulled a few examples from our recent App of the Week program where we choose one app per week that deserves recognition.

Northwestern University

Developed by Northwestern University, a private institution founded in 1851. The school has campuses in Evanston, IL, Chicago, IL, & Doha, Qatar. The app provides:

   •  a clean and organized look with square icons that clearly communicate
   •  the NU Wildcats logo as the background image is clean and appealing
   •  a link to the schools official website
   •  a link to the updated calendar of events
   •  a campus map
   •  a weather app
   •  a link to Northwestern University's latest news, shuttle bus service
   •  a comprehensive list of NU's past and present class programs
   •  a full list of contact details for all the departments and offices
   •  student access to emergency information in case of a flood, fire, or hazardous material accident Grief Support Network:
Developed by the team of volunteers and supporters from the non-profit, the Grief Support Network app provides:

   •  Live grief chat feature lets "Grief Angels" chat
   •  a section of shared grief coping stories, and strategies on how some have coped with their own grief
   •  the Angels Wall where users can post messages to other "Grief Angels" near or far
   •  a link to their registration page where users can sign up and become a Grief Angel
   •  a fan map where users can check for other Grief Angels near them
   •  locate books about how to get through grief attacks
   •  a weather feature
   •  a grief motion section lists some of the activities
   •  a collection of pictures with a calming quality by their group's volunteer photographer
   •  a selection of calming sounds to help them in their journey

Simon Parrilla Restaurant:

Simon Parrilla Bar & Grill's mobile app was designed to share information about the Latin American restaurant in beautiful Orlando, Florida. With their on-the-go mobile app, users can access their Facebook page where they post their latest updates, offers and their delicious daily specials. There's also a link to their YouTube channel where users can watch videos of their past events and commercials.

In a recent interview about building the Simon Parrilla Bar and Grill app, Oscar Humberto Perez, developer and owner of the app, told AppMakr the following about their experience entering the app economy:

AppMakr: What motivates you to go mobile?

Oscar: We wanted to integrate social networking to establish a two-way communication with customers in our restaurant. We firmly believe that good service is based on the interaction with customers and what better way than through a set App.

AppMakr: How did you find AppMakr?

Oscar: I was looking for a plug and play platform that would give me the dynamic tools to express myself and also satisfy the desires of my clients. AppMakr is a platform that has excellent investment-benefit ratio.

AppMakr: What impact do you think it would have on your community with this mobile app you've built?

Oscar: Simon Parrilla Bar & Grill provides an invaluable service as a unifying body and bolsters ties between the restaurant and the wider community of people who visit; the app becomes the invisible but dynamic and invigorating link between Simon Parrilla Bar and Grill and our customers.

Cheer Bling:

The accessory store app was launched to help their customers with ordering and accessibility to buy top quality cheerleading items and gifts at a great price. The design of the app provides links to the Cheerleading jewelry shop and their story on how they started as a family of cheerleaders traveling from competition to competition together as a team.

There's the link to the website where people can access all their products like pendants, necklaces, charms, t-shirts, gifts and more. It also includes links to their social media pages on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube.

About AppMakr
AppMakr is the largest DIY mobile app development platform in the world providing a range of affordable marketing solutions to all small businesses, schools, community groups and individuals. By servicing the long-tail of niche interests with low-cost apps, AppMakr has become the largest DIY publisher of mobile apps in the world. The platform creates true native iPhone and Android mobile apps, as well as HTML5 mobile websites compatible with thousands of smartphone models. Available in 15 languages for as little as $1/month, with hundreds of ways to customize your new mobile app. Functions include: Social Feeds, Live Video Streaming, Live Chat Rooms and the ability to secure apps through private access and content filters. AppMakr is the easiest way to mobilize your business, blog or community group.

To learn more about how AppMakr is transforming the Mobile App Economy, please visit and follow on Facebook as well as @AppMakr on Twitter.

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