aelf Mainnet's Full Function Tryout will Bring the Maximum of $200,000 USD Prizes including ELF Mainnet Token, Tesla Car, iPhone 12 and PS5, etc

February 1, 2021 6:00 PM EST

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SINGAPORE, Feb. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Before token swap, aelf will carry out the mainnet's full function tryout for the community. Participants will have a chance to win prizes worth $200,000 USD, including 200,000 ELF (Mainnet Token), 600,000 ERC20 ELF Token, a Tesla car, iPhone 12, PS5 and a lot more!

Users who participate in staking will receive earnings. Users will get ELF Token (Mainnet Token) and LOT Token (Lucky Draw) for the tryout by staking. This is also a large trial run before the mainnet token swap, which can avoid unnecessary problems and losses and ensure the security of the future mainnet token swap.

Campaign Schedule

The campaign is divided into 3 phases

  • Phase Ⅰ: Staking

Time: 18:00, February 3–18:00, March 5 (SGT)

  • Phase Ⅱ: Full Function Tryout for Community

Time: 12:00, February 4–18:00, March 3 (SGT)

  • Phase Ⅲ: Divvy up the Prize Pool

Time: March 3 18:00 — March 5 18:00 (SGT)


This campaign includes 5 parts:

  • Staking
  • Daily Task
  • Lucky Draw
  • Lucky Box
  • Divvy up the Prize Pool

1. Stake and get returns

Users need to stake the ERC20-ELF token to join this campaign. The pre-staking will be starting from 18:00 (SGT) on February 3rd. The total staking period will last 30 days. Participants can receive ELF (mainnet token) at the ratio of 400:1 by staking. At the end of the staking period, users can manually redeem their staked ERC-20 ELF. To fully try out the mainnet functions, aelf team recommend the staking amount to be greater than 1000 ELF (≥1000 ELF).

In addition, no matter how many tokens were staked, users can get the LOT token at the ratio of 1:1. The LOT Token can be used to participate in the Lucky Draw, divvying up the prize pools and the Lucky Box Game. The ELF Token (mainnet token) and LOT token can be collected manually from the campaign page, with a delay of up to 10 minutes.

2. Daily Tasks

During this campaign (12:00, February 4–18:00, March 3), users can get extra LOT tokens to participate in the lucky draw after completing daily tasks. The available functions include the same-chain transfer, cross-chain transfer, resource token trading, etc.

Wallet transfer function:

Same-chain transfer: 100 LOT /day

Cross-chain transfer: 100 LOT /day

Trade Resource token (buying and selling): 100 LOT/day

Users can only make the same-chain & cross-chain transfer once a day. A successful transfer is regarded as the completion of the cross-chain task. The cross-chain transfer function is available for ELF Token, LOT Token, and Resource Token. aelf team advise users use LOT Tokens to try out the transfer function since ELF (Mainnet Token) will be used as transaction fees.

Submit Feedback

If users have any problems during the campaign, they can get LOT Token by submitting feedback. Submit feedback about the mainnet function tryout here

Rewards will be distributed in accordance with the rating upon the aelf team's review. The evaluation will take 1 or 2 working days upon submission. aelf team recommend that users should submit as soon as possible, and there may be evaluation delays near the end of the campaign.

  • Junior: 100 LOT
  • Intermediate: 200 LOT
  • Senior: 500 LOT

Bug Report

If users find any bugs during the campaign, they can get the LOT token via Report Bug here:

Participating in on-chain bug submission. Rewards will be distributed in accordance with the rating upon the aelf team's review:

  • Junior: 100 LOT
  • Intermediate: 500 LOT
  • Senior: 1000 LOT

The evaluation will take 1 or 2 working days after submission. aelf team recommend that users should submit as soon as possible, and there may be evaluation delays near the end of the campaign.

3. Lucky Draw

During the campaign (12:00, February 4–18:00, March 3, SGT), users can use the LOT token to swap the lucky draw code, that is, to participate in the Lucky Draw. aelf team will announce the results every Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday at 6:00 p.m. Users can switch the lucky draw code from the previous results to the current results (100 LOT = 1 lucky draw code). There is no upper limit on the number of lucky draw codes. Prizes include iPhone 12, Switch, PS5, etc. Don't miss it!

4. Lucky Box

During the campaign (12:00, February 4–18:00, March 3, SGT), users can use the LOT token to buy tickets in Lucky Box App and draw prizes every 10 minutes. If users win, they can manually collect the LOT token. Lucky Box is an open-source DAPP based on random numbers developed by aelf team, which can guarantee the reliability and security of random numbers and avoid the security problems brought by pseudo-random numbers. When users log into the Lucky Box, they had to bind the aelf Wallet, which shared the LOT balance.

Lucky Box App Download here:

aelf Wallet App Download here:

This campaign has set up rankings: accumulated winning amount and accumulated participated times. aelf team will count the 'accumulated winning amount' of the users who have received the prizes and the 'accumulated participated times' of all the users who have participated in the Lucky Box during the campaign, and show the top 10 on the two rankings in the App.

Based on the above list, two prizes will be created for this event: User whose accumulated winning amount ranks first will receive the grand prize (Tesla Model 3). A Total of 200,000 LOT tokens are awarded to the top 4 participants (based on the accumulated participated times). These LOT tokens can be used to share out the prize pool.


*The accumulated prize amount refers to the total prize amount of all participants.

*How to define the accumulated participated times? No matter how many lottery tickets users buy in the current lottery period, they are regarded as having participated once.

*If the ranking is tied, the reward will be divided equally. For example, if two people are tied for the first place, each person will get 75,000 LOT tokens.

*Anti-cheating instructions: the technical team will analyze the backend data, and if anyone is found to be cheating, they will be disqualified.

5. Divvy up the Prizes Pool

After the end of the campaign, the prize pool dividends (ERC20 ELF) will be paid based on the number of LOT tokens in users' account. That is to say, the more LOT Token users submitted, the more rewards users can get. aelf team will unlock the corresponding prize pool rewards (ERC20 ELF) based on the total staked volume during the campaign.

How to divvy up the prize pool: One user's bonus = LOT tokens submitted by one user / LOT tokens submitted by all users * 100% * the bonus amount in the prize pool

The ultimate prize pool module will be unlocked and shown on the campaign page after 18:00 on March 3. After the prize pool is available, the user may check out the total prize amount of the prize pool on the corresponding page. After 48 hours (18:00 on March 5), users can get the ERC-20 ELF award of the prize pool in proportion. This is based on the submitted LOT amount and Ethereum wallet address. When the winners are announced, the page will display the amount of rewards that users can get. aelf team will distribute the tokens within 7 working days after the announcement.


  • aelf team suggest users to use v8.x.x or v9.0.2, instead of using Metamask v9.0.1.
  • 30 days after the staking period expired, users can begin to redeem their stakings. The first batch of staking users can redeem the staked tokens at 18:00 on March 5th. The last batch of staking users can redeem the staked tokens at 18:00 on April 4 (SGT).
  • The deadline for swapping lucky draw codes is 18:00 on March 3. After users receive the rewards of the Lucky Box after 18:00 on March 3, they still have 2 days to swap the lucky draw codes and divvy up the prize pool.
  • In this campaign, users will get ELF (Mainnet Token) as staking rewards. It can also be used to buy and sell resource tokens and pay transaction fees during the mainnet function tryout.
  • The use of the LOT token is limited to this campaign and has no intrinsic value. Please do not buy or sell it to avoid unnecessary loss.
  • All the prizes will be sent out within 7 working days after the end of the event. Please fill in the relevant information correctly.

Join this mainnet function tryout to not only familiarize with the mainnet functions but also get super-high-annualized revenues or win a Tesla car! Get Everything Ready & Join now!

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