Introducing BL+

Pure, potent, sustainable skincare harnessing the proven healing powers of Iceland's famed nutrient-rich Blue Lagoon

February 18, 2021 9:06 AM EST

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GRINDAVÍK, Iceland, Feb. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Skincare so effective and innovative that the research behind it has been awarded two patents. Skincare so compatible with your body's natural functions it can go deep in the skin to help truly turn back the hands of time and prevent them from advancing in the first place. Skincare so sustainable and eco-conscious it respects the environment first and foremost.

"Our story began deep in the volcanic earth and continues to be written with every new discovery at our research center," BL+ research scientist Ása Brynjólfsdóttir explains. "For over three decades we have studied the waters and its unique ecosystem to understand its beneficial effects on the skin. The scientific journey from discovering the healing properties of bathing in the water to developing a product that holds our bioactive ingredients involves a tremendous expenditure of time and effort. That's what it means to go deep into nature, deep into science, and deep into the skin."

THE STORYIt all started 2,000 meters below the earth's surface in the volcanic aquifers of Iceland's Reykjanes Peninsula where the tectonic plates meet and form the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Freshwater and seawater mix under searing heat and immense pressure to create the geothermal seawater later called the Blue Lagoon. Bathers first discovered this extraordinary water in 1976 after it had collected into natural pools and cooled to a comfortable 102F, noting that it made their skin smoother, calmer, and less irritated. Most notably, the water alleviated psoriasis, a skin condition that can make life uncomfortable for those afflicted.

THE DISCOVERYIntrigued by wide-spread reports, including the healing benefits of bathing in the water, Reykjavik doctor and entrepreneur Grímur Sæmundsen saw the potential of the area and recruited Brynjólfsdóttir to oversee the research and development. She leads a team of scientists that analyze the water's chemical composition and study its ecosystem. This research led to the discovery of very high silica concentration of the Blue Lagoon. Silica's remarkable coating and sealing abilities were responsible for the formation of the lagoon itself. The team of scientists also discovered the existence of a unique microalgae that contained powerful nutrients and vitamins. Their research led to the opening of the Blue Lagoon Medical Clinic in 1994, offering natural psoriasis treatments, and later to the development of two distinct product lines: dermatological treatment products for sensitive skin and chronic skin conditions, and spa and wellness products, designed to help consumers enjoy the Blue Lagoon spa experience at home.

In 2008, after years of ongoing research, in vitro and in vivo studies revealed that the Blue Lagoon's silica stimulates the skin's protective barrier functions to seal in moisture and nutrients, while blocking out environmental assailants and its microalgae help spur skin's fibroblasts to generate strong, healthy collagen, while preventing UV-induced collagen breakdown. Based on these new findings, Blue Lagoon received patents for the use of microalgae and silica in skincare.

THE FORMULANature at its finest and most healing combined with the most cutting edge scientific research ultimately resulted in the science-driven, highly potent BL+ skincare line. BL+ products harness the restorative and antiaging powers of Blue Lagoon blue-green microalgae and its myriad collagen-enhancing properties, along with its naturally-occurring silica to strengthen skin's crucial protective barrier. The star component is the BL+ COMPLEX, boasting a specific blend of microalgae and silica encapsulated into a delivery system that utilizes biomimicry to effectively deliver the active components deep into the skin. The powerhouse formula of the BL+ COMPLEX helps to prevent UV-induced collagen break-down, while promoting collagen synthesis and improving barrier function for firmer, stronger, smoother skin.

THE SERUMThe BL+ COMPLEX will make its debut in The Serum ($300, 30ml; $180,15ml), followed by a comprehensive collection of formulas tailored to maximizing skin health. The Serum melds the COMPLEX's pure, potent and proven formula with vitamin C, and three forms of hyaluronic acid (sodium hyaluronate, hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid and fragmented hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid) to visibly diminish the signs of aging, strengthen the protective barrier, moisturize skin, attack free radicals and optimize skin's overall health. The Blue Lagoon Seawater provides minerals that prime the skin for optimal absorption of the other active ingredients.

THE PROMISE BL+ products adhere to the highest environmental standards and sustainable best practices. Microalgae and silica are harvested at our state-of-the-art Research & Development Center in Iceland using sustainable and renewable methods. The microalgae are cultivated using biotechnology and a pioneering carbon capture method in which—geothermal CO₂ emitted during the nearby production of clean energy— is recycled to become building material for the photosynthetic microalgae cultivated in bioreactors at the R&D center. This method enhances Blue Lagoon's efforts to neutralize its carbon footprint. The BL+ Serum is COSMOS NATURAL certified by Ecocert.

AVAILABILITY: BL+ skincare products are available now on BL+ on Instagram @blplusskincare 


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