E1011 Labs Looks to the Future of Heat-Not-Burn with New Product Lines and Partnerships

June 14, 2022 12:30 PM EDT

LOS ANGELES, June 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- E1011 Labs announces a complete revamp of its Heat-not-Burn product offering. Keeping with its mission to provide easy, affordable, and convenient access to cannabinoid wellness, they are excited to launch a new line of products. Founded in 2018 by a team of leading designers & engineers, E1011 Labs is one of the original pioneers for Heat-not-Burn in the cannabis & hemp segment as it creates alternative wellness for the masses by entwining ancient holistic traditions with future-proof innovations. E1011 Labs is a vertically integrated company that owns and operates its own technology platform. The company has created an advanced manufacturing & delivery system allowing for the maximum preservation of the plant's integrity, with minimal waste during production & consumption. The patented elon®[1] device has been re-examined to create the second-generation model designed to hold a better pre-dosed stelo™, formally known as stem, during a session. The new design uses the precision heating technology codeveloped with S10 Labs[2] from the first-generation device, continuing to provide a combustion-free experience while eliminating exposure to pyrolytic toxins associated with flammable combustion. E1011 Labs' device touts a sleek aesthetic, with a patented "pause" feature, Sensor O, that allows users to pause a session by gently blowing into the circular sensor.

Along with revamping its patented Heat-not-Burn elon®, E1011 Labs has rebranded its pre-filled, pre-dosed flower pod (stelo™) system designed to be enjoyed with the device. A stelo™ is filled with high percentage CBD hemp flower and comes in packs of 10 count (available at retail for $8.99) and 20 count[3] (available for $14.99). Focused on convenience, the size of the 10 count is for on-the-go sessions with the specialized paper board material reducing oxidation of the flower by 80%.  The 20 count consists of two 10 count packs contained in a delightfully colored aluminum case. Falling in line with the company's relentless commitment to sustainability, the aluminum case can be recycled or reused. The formulas packed within the stelo™ have been expertly crafted for every mood and help take the guesswork out of flower. Consumers can currently purchase three formulas of the stelo™ (Uplift, Relax, and Relief) with additional formulas to be released later this year.

In addition to launching stelo™, E1011 Labs will be introducing the ARI53™ series later this month exclusively for the US market. The series is the company's alternative line, offering a more elevated experience than its stelo™ counterparts. ARI53™ comes in the same 10 and 20 counts (available at $9.99 and $19.99 respectively), but the main difference lies in the CBD hemp flower packed inside. By using flower with different cannabinoid contents, the new series allows for a more uplifting session.

With the launch of ARI53™ comes the announcement of E1011 Labs' procurement of exclusive licensing rights for the use of Mutant Ape #1007 from the Mutant Ape Yacht Club (a derivative collection under Bored Ape Yacht Club). Under the licensing agreement, they will be using this specific blue-chip NFT to promote selected products under E1011 Labs. A spokesperson from E1011 Labs commented, "The Mutant Ape #1007 will be our first-ever initiative to explore creating a deeper relationship between the Web3 & cannabis communities. We are thrilled to announce this partnership and look forward to sharing this product with our communities". The Ape will appear on the ARI53™ Grape Ape case and offer the opportunity for consumers to collect a version of this highly desired NFT. E1011 Labs is looking to the future with Mutant Ape #1007, with much more to come.

Finally, E1011 Labs is pleased to announce its pilot partnership program (P3), as the company looks to open its ecosystem to a select group of key partners who will help advance its initiative in the Heat-not-Burn segment. The first company to enter the ecosystem is TAAT® Global Alternatives Inc. (CSE: TAAT) (OTCQX: TOBAF) (FRANKFURT: 2TP). Headquartered in Nevada, Las Vegas, TAAT® is a global leader in the alternative tobacco space with a mission to provide a better alternative to tobacco cigarettes. TAAT®'s pioneering status in the world of hemp cigarettes, along with its market knowledge, distribution channels, and high-quality products make it the ideal partner for E1011 Labs as the Heat-not-Burn sector is projected to surpass 68bn by 2027. With an annual growth rate of over 30%, the global rise of the Heat-not-Burn category as a smoking alternative signifies the importance of this partnership and its strategic outlay for future expansion. The TAAT® branded elon® device and TAAT® Original, Smooth, and Menthol cartridges, "powered by E1011 Labs", will be available for purchase through its e-commerce platform in the coming months. E1011 Labs and TAAT® will be exhibiting together at the InterTabac trade show in Dortmund, Germany this September 15-17, 2022. TAAT® President of Operations Michael James II commented, "We are excited to be working with E1011 Labs, as we add heat-not-burn to our range of alternatives to tobacco products. The combustible version of TAAT® is made with a patent-pending formulation containing no nicotine or tobacco and is already carried by more than 2,700 U.S. stores. Furthermore, we just acquired a tobacco distributor in Ohio that has a reach of over 5,000 stores, in addition to three owned convenience outlets which are the perfect in-store research environment for new-to-market offerings such as TAAT® Heat-not-Burn. We are very impressed with how E1011's samples have turned out so far, and I am confident it will be well-received both at the InterTabac trade show in Germany, and by the North American market when TAAT heat-not-burn is officially launched."

Today, E1011 Labs reintroduces its vision of delivering a comprehensive range of therapeutic molecules via our next generation, Heat-not-Burn, inhalable consumer technology. The company is proud of the collaboration with its production team in developing the next generation device and new product lines.  The Heat-not-Burn category is making headway in various industries (pharmaceutical, cannabis, tobacco etc.), and E1011 Labs is looking forward to exploring this segment further.

E1011 Labs, is a Los Angeles-based wellness company that is reinventing the wellness space through the lens of technology and CBD. Our sleek plug-and-play lineup of products are helping time-strapped people all over the country find an easy way to manage a natural and healthy lifestyle. Our goal is to disrupt an exploding hemp industry, littered with fly-by-night brands, by building cutting-edge products and a company culture that believes in investing in people's potential to do good for themselves and the world around us.

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[1] Elon device is an acronym for (e)lectronic (l)ighter (o)f the (n)ext-generation

[2] S10 Labs is a leading R&D firm for zirconia ceramics. The company is dedicated to normalizing the use of zirconia ceramics to promote clean technology in the vaporization hardware industry and beyond.

[3] 10 count is a pack of 10 individual stelo™ and a 20 count is a pack of 20 individual stelo™

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