Greenlight Capital Warns of Civil War, Tech Bubbles, and 13-Year Old Money Managers in Latest Letter Oct 27, 2020 11:01AM

Greenlight Capital's latest quarterly letter to investors offered many vivid warnings to investors: Civil War, Tech Bubble, and a 13-year old money manager looking for a job.

Greenlight said the pandemic "has exposed and exacerbated deep-rooted inequities", leading to protest and looting. With police unable to keep some cities safe, protests have been met with armed opposition from vigilante militias. Violence and death have ensued. The fund highlighted a recent... (continue reading...)

Winners and Losers in the COVID Market - TradeZero America's Pipitone May 28, 2020 02:39PM

The global coronavirus pandemic has caused volatility in many aspects of our everyday lives. However, the volatility seen in the market is creating opportunities for traders on both the long and short side. Since the President's proclamation limiting travel to the US on January 31st, the DOW dropped over 9,500 points to 18,500 in March and has climbed back over the 25,000 mark near the end of May. TradeZero America, an online commission-free broker dealer, has seen... (continue reading...)

TradeZero America's Free Order Routing and Zero Commission Pays Traders to Trade Feb 6, 2020 11:09AM

TradeZero America will now allow investors to select a specific market destination where orders are routed for trade executions. With zero commission on trades for those with minimum account balance of $30,000, investors can essentially get "paid to trade" with the service.

Traders can route orders to ARCA, BATS, EDGA, IEX, or a host of other market centers.

“Many trading platforms allow investors to designate the individual market center where buy and sell orders are... (continue reading...)

TradeZero America Launches Commission-Free Stock Trading With Pro-level Tools for Retail Market May 10, 2019 12:43PM

With the rise of Robinhood, commission-free stock trading apps have been all the rage among millennials. Now there is a commission-free trading platform offering pro-level tools for the retail market, TradeZero America.

A key differentiator of TradeZero is that its technology includes a stock locate feature, making it easier and simpler for the individual investor to locate hard to borrow shares for short selling.

Every account holder has access to tools such as Level 2... (continue reading...)

Tesla (TSLA) Whilstleblower Or Disgruntled Employee? You Be The Judge... Jun 22, 2018 07:37AM

This is the email thread confirmed by Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) and posted on Twitter by a Washington Employee.

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