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December 1, 2015 10:56 AM EST

ChannelAdvisor posted the following to its Blog on Tuesday:

Today we are releasing the final Cyber Monday SSS results from yesterday (11/30/2015). Also, Cyber Monday is the last of the Cyber Five, so we have those aggregate results (Thanksgiving-Cyber Monday) as well.

Cyber Monday and Cyber Five Results Dashboard


Cyber Monday insights: (note the next biggest day to Cyber Monday is Black Friday, so we compare CM to BF).

  • Total – e-commerce is set to grow 15% y/y (comScore) and on Cyber Monday we saw 18% y/y growth on a SSS basis, faster than the e-commerce trend.
  • Amazon – Amazon continued to outperform the 15% level coming in at 21.1% for Cyber Monday and was above Black Friday’s 20.8% performance.
  • eBay – eBay increased to 7% y/y for Cyber Monday, compared to 1.5% on Black Friday.
  • CSE – CSEs accelerated coming in at 8.0% for Cyber Monday, compared to 6.0% for Black Friday.
  • GS – Google Shopping/PLA slowed a bit, coming in at 18.6% for Cyber Monday, down from 40.3% on Black Friday.
  • Search – Search (adWords) improved on Cyber Monday to -4.7% y/y, compared to down 7.4% on Black Friday.
  • Other 3PM – Other Third Party Marketplaces came in at 61.5% on Cyber Monday, another very strong showing, but a slow-down from Black Friday’s 76.6% result.

Cyber Monday Device trends

Device trends on Cyber Monday were very interesting. The conversion rates on Cyber Monday for all device types are the highest we have ever seen. This indicates a very strong buying trend for consumers who were snapping up products like crazy on Cyber Monday.

  • Smartphone: On Cyber Monday, smartphones were 43% of traffic and a conversion rate of 3.04%, resulting in 24% of orders.
  • Tablet: Tablet traffic for Cyber Monday was steady at 12%. Conversion rates were 5.41%, resulting in tablet orders coming in at 11%.
  • Mobile: Mobile – Smartphone+Tablet came in at 55% for total traffic and 35% of orders for Cyber Monday.
  • Computer: Computer traffic perked up a lot on Cyber Monday at 45% as consumers shopped from work. Computer/Desktops also had a very strong conversion rate of 7.91%, and thus computer took 65%of the orders, the largest share for the Cyber Five.

The ‘Shape’ of Cyber Monday

Another interesting aspect of yesterday was the various peaks of the day. Starting at 5am-6am ET, each hour was a new peak until 2-3pm. Then we took a bit of a break, going sideways and even dipping a bit from 5-6. After 6 it was off to the races again until the 10-11pm hour (labeled BOOOOMMM!!!) in the diagram below :). Note all times are ET.


Cyber Five Insights

Cyber Five marks the kickoff of the Holiday selling season and includes the two largest days of the year (Cyber Monday and Black Friday). Based on the 15% benchmark, here were the leaders for the Cyber Five:

  • Other 3PM grew 82.8% for the Cyber Five and was the fastest-growing channel
  • Google Shopping grew 24.3% for the Cyber Five, barely beating out Amazon.
  • Amazon grew 24.1% for the Cyber Five.

The laggards (growing below the 15% comScore benchmark) for Cyber Five were:

  • CSE came in at 7.4%, as traditional CSEs continued to be under pressure from Google SEO changes and the consumer move to smartphone.
  • eBay came in at 2.6% a strong showing given their flat to down performance coming into Holiday 15.
  • Search came in at -1.6%, as consumers (and thus Google) preferred the Google Shopping/PLA format to traditional adwords.

Cyber Five Scale

We get a lot of questions about the relative size of Black Friday, Thanksgiving, etc. Other questions such as: “Will Black Friday surpass Cyber Monday” or ‘Will Thanksgiving surpass Black Friday”. This chart shows the relative scale:


To index it to Cyber Monday:

  • Cyber Monday is the largest at 1.
  • Next is Black Friday which is 75% the size of Cyber Monday
  • Thanksgiving is now number three at 55% the size of Cyber Monday (it was number 5 last year, so the 43% y/y growth really moved it up the Cyber Five rapidly). For Thanskgiving to surpass Black Friday, it would need to grow 20% faster than Black Friday which it did this year, so if that trend continued, Thanksgiving could leap to number 2 next year – something we will be watching closely as you can imagine!
  • Cyber Sunday is fourth at 54% the size of Cyber Monday
  • Finally, Cyber Saturday is at 53% the size of Cyber Monday

So or Black Friday to ‘catch up’ to Cyber Monday, it would have to grow 25% faster than Cyber Monday.

Cyber Five Device trends

Comparing Cyber Five device trends 2015 to Cyber Five 2014 is interesting and shows what a difference a year makes when it comes to consumer behavior and device usage:


This table really illustrates how rapidly smartphone is rising both from a traffic and order share. Even though the smartphone conversion rate hasn’t improved, the surge in share of traffic of over 100% has caused a > 100% y/y increase in order share as well. At this pace, next year we could see our first 50% order from smartphone holiday period. Many retailers that cater to millennials have already reported their ‘mobile moment’. Also, large retailers in China, such as Alibaba’s Tmall have also crossed the 50% mark, so it is just a matter of when, not if at this point.

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