SonoSite (SONO) Announces Ruling in Patent Infringement Suit Filed by General Electric

July 31, 2008 5:50 PM EDT
SonoSite, Inc. (Nasdaq: SONO) announced that the lawsuit General Electric (NYSE: GE) filed against the company in federal district court in Madison, Wisconsin has been resolved. Following the trial court's summary judgment rulings on July 24, 2008 the parties agreed to dismiss the remaining claims, thereby resolving the entirety of the case in the district court and negating the need for a trial. The parties have retained their rights to appeal the trial court's decisions of last week.

GE filed the lawsuit against SonoSite on May 15, 2007 alleging that SonoSite infringed six GE patents relating to ultrasound technology. SonoSite denied infringement and counterclaimed, alleging that GE infringed four of its ultrasound patents and that GE's patents were invalid. In last week's rulings, Judge Barbara Crabb ruled in SonoSite's favor on five of the six patents that GE had asserted. The court ruled that one of GE's patents is invalid and that SonoSite products do not infringe the other four GE patents. The court also ruled in GE's favor on two of SonoSite's patents finding that GE did not infringe those two patents. At that time, the court did not rule on the two remaining SonoSite patents and one remaining GE patent.

SonoSite, Inc. specializes in the development of hand-carried ultrasound (HCU) systems for use in a variety of medical specialties in a range of clinical settings. [SM]

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