Instant Marketing Ltd: 8 Businesses To Watch Out For In 2021

July 23, 2021 6:52 AM EDT

LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- The last 12 months have been extremely challenging for all of us, due to the events of the global pandemic, we have seen lots of people without jobs and business collapse. Businesses have had to make huge adaptions in order to survive, the biggest of these being the full transition to e-commerce.

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Instant Marketing Ltd: 8 Businesses To Watch Out For In 2021 (Photo: Business Wire)

Instant Marketing Ltd: 8 Businesses To Watch Out For In 2021 (Photo: Business Wire)

Below, Instant Marketing Ltd have constructed a list of 8 businesses we believe have overcome this midst the global pandemic and the challenges it has thrown at them, making them 8 businesses to watch out for in 2021.

Financial Markets Online

Financial Markets Online is one of the leading financial education businesses’, specializing in teaching new traders’ low risk and simple trading strategies all around the world. Financial Markets Online have traded and held courses all across the world, understanding different cultures has helped Financial Markets Online to develop first class education and mentoring programs which are tailored to suit everyone in achieving their financial goals. They have developed their own fast track program to ensure their students do not make the same mistakes they had previously made, allowing new traders to achieve consistent results in a much shorter period. They currently have a large team of traders, some of which have been trading for more than 25 years and have been through every emotional and physical experience that traders can face. They make the excellent mentors to guide new traders through the start of their career.

Their results speak for themselves. They are rated 4.9/5 stars on trust pilot with over 10,000 traders in their community. They are the only group of traders who trade live in front of their students, showing how simple trading really can be on a live market once you know the components to trading success.

Financial Markets Online believe their business is extremely useful as trading is a recession proof skill that can take people anywhere around the world. They teach traders of all levels, beginners to advanced, providing courses both online and live. They believe working from as little as 1 hour per day, you can become a profitable financial markets trader.

Karuna Beverages

Karuna Beverages is a certified women & minority owned business location in St. Louis, Missouri. As a recently established and steadily rising healthy beverage brand, Karuna is an awards-winning innovator in developing great tasting juices and smoothies using whole plant ingredients. Formulated from a belief that Food Is Better Medicine™, each unique beverage is inspired by ancient wisdom and backed by modern science. Karuna Wellness Beverages offer a vast array of benefits, such as restoration of digestive and immune health with prebiotic and antioxidants, delivering clean protein and providing sustained energy.

Karuna is fueled by a strong passion towards finding innovative ways to empower their customers to make better choices to live healthier and happier lives. They do so through the upbeat attitude of their founder and CEO, Angela Zeng, PhD, MBA, who has a strong mind for business and perpetual desire to listen to the customers she serves to continue to evolve and shift to meet their needs and desires.

They pride themselves on being the healthy beverage innovator from the Midwest, a region famous for its barbecue ribs and sugar sweetened iced tea. They are the first prebiotic beverage maker and have noticed large brands following in their footsteps. They do not fear the competition as they have never run out of novel ideas to fulfill the great and humble mission they have established since the day Karuna was created: to promote a community of healthier and happier people who live longer with less medical intervention and in a harmony with their surroundings.


OLVR menswear is a uniquely placed menswear company which launched in 2020 as an output for the founder’s love of fashion. OLVR tries to keep to limited runs as they are not about flooding the market. They believe they have the experience and design skills that enabled them to produce outstanding menswear that is not available to all young menswear companies. OLVR stands out from other menswear companies as their products are limited edition menswear collections. They never repeat their collection fabrication. Their collection is designed and produced in the UK, as they support the lowering of emissions that is caused from international production.

The founder of OLVR puts his success down to simply doing what he loves. Having a true passion for the industry as well as the thrill of seeing people wearing their brand is the drive that allows them to achieve excellence. OLVR believe their clothes allow men to have their own distinctive style which can show off their personality and understated confidence.

Glow Hub

GlowHub Co, co-founded by Steven Sobti & Eugene Palana was established in 2020. They are a unique business that offers beautiful and vibrant LED Neon signs. They create their own custom designs but also allow their clients to customize the neon lights to suit their preferences. They work with their clients carefully to lighten up events, weddings, businesses, or even simple home décor. Their neon signs bring a new uplifting vibe, completely transforming a room or venue in a positive way.

Driven by a passion and unleashing their creativity has won them an astonishing 5/5-star review from customers along with a great social media presence. It is obvious that they pay great attention to all orders. Due to their excellent designs, they have been able to collaborate with many brands and influencers like Tyga, Shay Mitchell, Dixie Damelio, Avani and many more.

Their mission is to be an outlet of self-expression for the individual or a driving force for the branding of businesses. Each sign is a testament to the creativity and dedication to one's craft, while leaving a lasting impression to the eyes of those who walk in the room.


AUSTERE, founded by CEO Natasha Brito in 2012, started as a print and digital magazine, eventually becoming two successful sister creative and marketing agencies for a wide variety of businesses. In their first 7 years, they had become one of the most sought-after independent magazines in the south of the US. They wrote a total of 20 concept-based issues, giving musicians, fashion brands, artists and alt-culture the opportunity to be interviewed about their work and showcased using AUSTERE’s conceptual and edgy creative photography and designs.

As time went on, the print magazine evolved into its current form within the agency sector. Thus, two sister AUSTERE agencies were created. AUSTERE Visuals: a creative & marketing agency for musicians, fashion, and lifestyle brands. AUSTERE Digital: a creative & marketing agency for ecommerce + digital products or platforms.

Their business’ motto has always been “avant-visual meets avant-strategy”, meaning they are always experimenting in avant-garde marketing and creative to new frontiers as they know the digital world is ever changing. They attribute a lot of their success to the trust their clients have in them, allowing them to take their businesses to uncharted territories online through innovative marketing concepts. They believe their clients see them as creative and strategic business partners rather than just service providers.


Boss CBD was established in 2017 by CEO Tye Friis with one goal in mind: to help animals. Tye runs two non-profit charity animal rescue organizations. Reversed Rescue, which specializes in saving and rehabilitating very hard case dogs. The other, Boss Sanctuary, takes care of a wide range of animals, from horses all the way to neglected wolves. Both amazing organizations are supported by Boss CBD.

Boss CBD creates handmade products from their lab in Leona Valley to help animals in many ways. They make shampoos, insect spray, pet treats, liver detox supplements, digestion helpers and many more beneficial oils. Everything made my Boss CBD is grown and created by Tye himself so he can guarantee his clients will receive only the best products. After having tremendous success developing these supplements for animals, they started to focus making CBD oils that would also be beneficial for humans. On top of this, they also offer their own vapes, tattoo care, bath bombs and candles.

One of Boss CBD’s biggest setbacks has been how the CBD industry is still very misunderstood and unknown to many, some even considering it high risk. However, their CEO says he refuses to let something so good for the world fail due to other people’s unknowledgeable viewpoints and negligence.


Natreve launched in the Fall of 2019 by Founder Roland Radu. Natreve is the world’s first Plastic and Carbon Neutral Wellness company. Natreve is a wellness company that provides products that range from vegan protein powders, sustainable collagen products, as well as wellness products for immunity, stress, and sleep. They are shaking up the wellness industry due to their sustainable mission. Every product they sell, they collect the equivalent amount of plastic waste out of the oceans globally. They are providing economic empowerment to the vulnerable communities through financial support . Through their partners at Plastic Bank and Impact Collective, not only do they invest into renewable energy resources to reduce their carbon footprint, but they also help the vulnerable communities achieve and sustain economic empowerment by providing a better standard of living through their social commitment. They help to build infrastructure within those communities, also providing health care, food, and education. They are also involved in numerous community outreach programs that teach acceptance, diversity, equality, and basic human rights. In the next three years they have committed to remove over 600MT (30Million + Plastic Bottles) from the oceans, reduce their carbon footprint by over 15,000 MT, and help over 15,000 vulnerable families through economic support. The ethos they live by is Eat Right, Do Good!

Natreve was also the first wellness company to come a champion partner with Equality Now, a non-profit organization that fights to change reforms and laws against sexual exploitation and tracking against young girls and women who come from abusive situations.

Olivier Meylan

Olivier Meylan is a Swiss heritage watch company, founded by David Meylan, and is about to celebrate its first year in business. Having been a dream for David for over 4 years, the coronavirus pandemic has given him the time and focus to launch Olivier Meylan and has become largely successful in a short space of time.

Although there many several fashion watch brands that are affordable to customers, none of them share the genuine Swiss watch heritage that Olivier Meylan have. Watches run in the family. The CEO is half Swiss, and his grandfather worked and lived in the watch capital of the world, Valle De Joux, Switzerland. He was a watch maker for the likes of Jaeger LeCoultre before moving to the UK to work for Smiths watches. Because of their history, they only ever use Swiss movements in their models and each timepiece is tested to the highest standards. Growing up David knew everything there was to know about the watch industry, meaning he had the knowledge as well as the passion to pursue his dream to start-up Olivier Meylan. Thanks to his efforts, Olivier Meylan have an elite community of limited-edition watch owners, with a rich history.

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Source: Instant Marketing Ltd

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