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USM Balance Sheet

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Current assets
Cash and cash equivalents 273.8M
Short-term investments 40.01M
Accounts receivable
Customers and agents, less allowances of $20,955 and $24,455, respectively 411.03M
Roaming 32M
Affiliated 13K
Other, less allowances of $1,461 and $1,361, respectively 73.33M
Inventory 184.82M
Prepaid income taxes
Prepaid expenses 62.16M
Net deferred income tax asset 97.86M
Other current assets 23.24M
Total current assets 1.2B
Assets held for sale
Licenses 1.39B
Goodwill 387.52M
Customer lists, net of accumulated amortization of $96,376 and $96,153, respectively
Investments in unconsolidated entities 296.9M
Notes and interest receivable - long-term
Long-term investments
Total investments 2.08B
Property, plant and equipment
In service and under construction 7.65B
Less: Accumulated depreciation 4.9B
Property, plant and equipment, net 2.75B
Other assets and deferred charges 168.98M
Total assets 6.26B
Current liabilities
Current portion of long-term debt 46K
Accounts payable
Affiliated 10.37M
Trade 395.48M
Customer deposits and deferred revenues 294.38M
Accrued taxes 55.09M
Accrued compensation 57.57M
Other current liabilities 132.29M
Total current liabilities 945.23M
Liabilities held for sale
Deferred liabilities and credits
Net deferred income tax liability 790.62M
Other deferred liabilities and credits 305.89M
Long-term debt 876.76M
Commitments and contingencies
Noncontrolling interests with redemption features
U.S. Cellular shareholders' equity
Series A Common and Common Shares 88.07M
Additional paid-in capital 1.47B
Treasury Shares, at cost -167.06M
Retained earnings 1.93B
Total U.S. Cellular shareholders' equity 3.32B
Noncontrolling interests 14.14M
Total equity 3.34B
Total liabilities and equity 6.26B