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SLB Balance Sheet

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Current Assets
Short-term investments 3.73B
Receivables less allowance for doubtful accounts (2011 - $203; 2010 - $185) 9.57B
Inventories 4.58B
Deferred taxes 168M
Other current assets 1.27B
Assets, Current, Total 22.86B
Fixed Income Investments, held to maturity 469M
Investments in Affiliated Companies 3.36B
Fixed Assets less accumulated depreciation 14.85B
Multiclient Seismic Data 913M
Goodwill 15.53B
Intangible Assets
Other Assets 2.25B
Assets, Total 64.75B
Current Liabilities
Accounts payable and accrued liabilities 7.48B
Estimated liability for taxes on income 1.42B
Long-term debt - current portion 2.09B
Short-term borrowings 2.14B
Dividends payable 640M
Liabilities, Current, Total 13.77B
Long-term Debt
Postretirement Benefits 1.35B
Deferred Taxes 1.33B
Other Liabilities 1B
Liabilities, Total 26.57B
Common stock 12.59B
Treasury stock -12.67B
Retained earnings 42.16B
Accumulated other comprehensive loss -4.11B
Schlumberger stockholders' equity 37.97B
Noncontrolling interests 220M
Stockholders' Equity, Including Portion Attributable to Noncontrolling Interest, Total 38.19B
Liabilities and stockholders equity, Total 64.75B