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SIRI Income Statement

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Subscriber revenue 1.03B
Advertising revenue, net of agency fees 33.52M
Equipment revenue 27.86M
Other revenue
Total revenue
Cost of services:
Revenue share and royalties
Programming and content
Customer service and billing
Satellite and transmission
Cost of equipment 9.73M
Subscriber acquisition costs 128.96M
Sales and marketing 91.36M
Engineering, design and development 18.89M
General and administrative 81.18M
Depreciation and amortization 66.71M
Restructuring, impairments and related costs
Total operating expenses 873.41M
Income from operations 362.16M
Other income (expense):
Interest expense, net of amounts capitalized -83.4M
Loss on extinguishment of debt and credit facilities, net
Interest and Investment income (loss)
Other income (loss) 2.52M
Total other income (expense) -80.88M
Income before income taxes
Income tax expense -108.26M
Net income 173.02M
Net income per common share:
Basic 0.04
Diluted 0.03
Weighted average common shares outstanding:
Basic 4.94B
Diluted 4.99B