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QCRH Cash Flow Statement

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Net income 14.94M
Adjustments to reconcile net income to net cash provided by operating activities:
Depreciation 2.7M
Provision for loan/lease losses 5.93M
Amortization of offering costs on subordinated debentures
Stock-based compensation expense 792.28K
Losses on sales of other real estate owned, net 545.34K
Amortization of premiums on securities, net 3.57M
Securities gains
Other-than-temporary impairment losses on securities 0
Loans originated for sale -80.03M
Proceeds on sales of loans 86.23M
Gains on sales of loans, net -836.07K
Prepayment fees on Federal Home Loan Bank advances 0
Losses on lease residual values
Increase in accrued interest receivable
Decrease in prepaid FDIC insurance
Increase in cash value of bank-owned life insurance -1.79M
Decrease (increase) in other assets 7.65M
(Decrease) increase in other liabilities 1.02M
Net cash provided by operating activities 32.04M
Net decrease (increase) in federal funds sold -540K
Net decrease (increase) in interest-bearing deposits at financial institutions -8.66M
Proceeds from sales of foreclosed assets 1.35M
Activity in securities portfolio:
Purchases -312.97M
Calls, maturities and redemptions 147.26M
Paydowns 46.1M
Sales 37.39M
Activity in restricted investment securities:
Purchases -7.26M
Redemptions 7.24M
Activity in bank-owned life insurance:
Purchases 0
Surrender of policy
Net (increase) decrease in loans/leases originated and held for investment -55.31M
Purchase of premises and equipment -2.43M
Net cash used in investing activities -164.56M
Net increase in deposit accounts 108.92M
Net decrease in short-term borrowings -21.79M
Activity in Federal Home Loan Bank advances:
Advances 77M
Calls and maturities -48M
Prepayments 0
Net (decrease) increase in other borrowings -200K
Proceeds from issuance of Series A Subordinated Notes and detachable warrants to purchase 54,000 shares of common stock
Payment of cash dividends on common and preferred stock -4.06M
Proceeds from issuance of Series E Noncumulative Convertible Perpetual Preferred Stock, net
Proceeds from issuance of common stock, net
Net cash provided by financing activities 112.9M
Net increase in cash and due from banks -19.62M
Cash and due from banks, beginning 61.57M
Cash and due from banks, ending 41.95M
Supplemental disclosure of cash flow information, cash payments for:
Interest 17.95M
Income/franchise taxes 3.01M
Supplemental schedule of noncash investing activities:
Change in accumulated other comprehensive income, unrealized gains on securities available for sale, net -18.35M
Transfers of loans to other real estate owned 7.12M