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PNM Income Statement

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Electric Operating Revenues 332.87M
Operating Expenses:
Cost of energy
Administrative and general 43.86M
Energy production costs 42.67M
Regulatory disallowances
Depreciation and amortization
Transmission and distribution costs 16.49M
Taxes other than income taxes 18.96M
Total operating expenses 283.3M
Operating income 49.57M
Other Income and Deductions:
Interest income 1.75M
Gains (losses) on investments held by NDT 4.02M
Other income 4.96M
Equity in net earnings (loss) of Optim Energy
Other deductions -3.66M
Net other income (deductions) 7.07M
Interest Charges 30.27M
Earnings before Income Taxes
Income Taxes (Benefit) 8.52M
Earnings from Continuing Operations
Earnings (Loss) from Discontinued Operations, net of Income Taxes (Benefit) of $0, $(1,861), $0 and $38,166
Net Earnings 17.85M
Earnings Attributable to Valencia Non-controlling Interest -3.38M
Preferred Stock Dividend Requirements of Subsidiary
Net Earnings (Loss) Attributable to PNMR 14.34M
Earnings from Continuing Operations Attributable to PNMR per Common Share:
Basic 0.18
Diluted 0.18
Net Earnings (Loss) Attributable to PNMR per Common Share:
Dividends Declared per Common Share 0.2