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NWN Balance Sheet

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Current assets:
Cash and cash equivalents 9.47M
Restricted cash
Accounts receivable 81.89M
Accrued unbilled revenue
Allowance for uncollectible accounts -1.66M
Regulatory assets 22.64M
Derivative instruments 5.31M
Inventory - Gas
Inventory - Materials and supplies
Gas Reserves 20.65M
Income taxes receivable 3.53M
Other current assets 21.18M
Total current assets 330.45M
Non-current assets:
Property, plant and equipment 2.92B
Less: Accumulated depreciation 855.87M
Total property, plant and equipment - net 2.06B
Gas Reserves 122M
Regulatory Assets 369.6M
Derivative instruments 1.88M
Other investments 67.85M
Other non-current assets 12.26M
Total non-current assets 2.64B
Total assets 2.97B
Common stock - no par value; authorized 100,000 shares; issued and outstanding 26,673, 26,564 and 26,668 at March 31, 2011 and 2010, and December 31, 2010, respectively 364.55M
Retained earnings 393.68M
Accumulated other comprehensive income (loss) -6.36M
Total common stock equity 751.87M
Long-term debt 681.7M
Total capitalization
Current liabilities:
Short-term debt 188.2M
Current maturities of long-term debt 60M
Accounts payable 96.13M
Taxes accrued
Interest accrued 7.1M
Regulatory liabilities 28.34M
Derivative instruments 1.89M
Other current liabilities 40.28M
Total current liabilities 432.79M
Deferred credits and other non-current liabilities:
Deferred tax liabilities 532.04M
Regulatory Liabilities 303.49M
Pension and other postretirement benefit liabilities 149.35M
Derivative instruments 615K
Other non-current liabilities 119.06M
Total deferred credits and other non-current liabilities
Commitments and contingencies (see Note 14) 0
Total capitalization and liabilities 2.97B