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MON Balance Sheet

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Current Assets:
Cash and cash equivalents (variable interest entities restricted - 2011: $48) 1.05B
Trade receivables, net (variable interest entities restricted - 2011: $82) 1.83B
Miscellaneous receivables 699M
Deferred tax assets 760M
Inventory, net 3.7B
Other current assets 430M
Total Current Assets 8.48B
Total property, plant and equipment 10.53B
Less accumulated depreciation 5.64B
Property, Plant and Equipment, Net 4.89B
Goodwill 3.99B
Other Intangible Assets, Net
Noncurrent Deferred Tax Assets 236M
Long-Term Receivables, Net 35M
Other Assets 591M
Total Assets 19.41B
Current Liabilities:
Short-term debt, including current portion of long-term debt 1.08B
Accounts payable 635M
Income taxes payable 273M
Accrued compensation and benefits 190M
Accrued marketing programs 1.22B
Deferred revenues 1.16B
Grower production accruals 197M
Dividends payable 236M
Customer payable 19M
Restructuring reserves
Miscellaneous short-term accruals 683M
Total Current Liabilities 5.94B
Long-Term Debt 7.95B
Postretirement Liabilities 335M
Long-Term Deferred Revenue 44M
Noncurrent Deferred Tax Liabilities 352M
Long-Term Portion of Environmental and Litigation Liabilities 192M
Other Liabilities 333M
Shareowners Equity:
Common stock (authorized: 1,500,000,000 shares, par value $0.01) Issued 589,346,837 and 588,439,202 shares, respectively; Outstanding 536,459,651 and 540,376,499 shares, respectively 6M
Treasury stock 52,887,186 and 48,062,703 shares, respectively, at cost -15.05B
Additional contributed capital 11.54B
Retained earnings 10.71B
Accumulated other comprehensive loss -3.05B
Reserve for ESOP debt retirement
Total Monsanto Company Shareowners Equity 4.15B
Noncontrolling Interest -1M
Total Shareowners Equity 4.15B
Total Liabilities and Shareowners Equity 19.41B