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MFA Income Statement

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Interest Income:
Agency MBS 39.33M
Non-Agency MBS 43.16M
Non-Agency MBS transferred to consolidated VIEs 38.66M
Cash and cash equivalent investments 26K
Interest Income 121.17M
Interest Expense:
Repurchase agreements 36.73M
Securitized debt 2.19M
Total Interest Expense 40.92M
Net Interest Income 80.25M
Other-Than-Temporary Impairments:
Total other-than-temporary impairment losses
Portion of loss reclassified from other comprehensive income
Net Impairment Losses Recognized in Earnings
Other (Loss)/Income, net:
Unrealized net (losses)/gains and net interest income from Linked Transactions 3.25M
Gains on sale of MBS
Revenue from operations of real estate held-for-sale
Loss on termination of repurchase agreements
Other, net -416K
Other (Loss)/Income, net 6.41M
Operating and Other Expense:
Compensation and benefits 6.51M
Other general and administrative expense 3.96M
Real estate held-for-sale operating expense, mortgage interest and prepayment penalty
Operating and Other Expense 10.47M
Net Income
Less: Preferred Stock Dividends 3.75M
Net Income Available to Common Stock and Participating Securities 72.44M
Earnings per Common Share
Basic (in dollars per share)
Diluted (in dollars per share)
Dividends Declared on Common Stock (in dollars per share) 0.2