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ISLE Income Statement

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Casino 235.84M
Rooms 6.93M
Food, beverage, pari-mutuel and other 32.4M
Gross revenues 275.18M
Less promotional allowances -50.99M
Net revenues 224.19M
Operating expenses:
Casino 38.35M
Gaming taxes 60.32M
Rooms 1.45M
Food, beverage, pari-mutuel and other 10.61M
Marine and facilities 13.97M
Marketing and administrative 56.12M
Corporate and development 7.23M
Depreciation and amortization 20.17M
Total operating expenses 206.24M
Operating income 17.95M
Interest expense -21.91M
Interest income 84K
Derivative expense
Loss before income taxes -3.88M
Income tax benefit 13.27M
Net loss
Loss per common share-basic:
Net loss (in dollars per share)
Loss per common share-dilutive:
Net loss (in dollars per share)
Weighted average basic shares (in shares) 39.83M
Weighted average diluted shares (in shares) 39.91M