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IBM Balance Sheet

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Current assets:
Cash and cash equivalents 14.35B
Marketable securities 515M
Notes and accounts receivable - trade (net of allowances of $305 in 2011 and $324 in 2010) 8.53B
Short-term financing receivables (net of allowances of $286 in 2011 and $342 in 2010) 16.65B
Other accounts receivable (net of allowances of $12 in 2011 and $10 in 2010) 1.56B
Inventories, at lower of average cost or market:
Finished goods 393M
Work in process and raw materials 1.3B
Total inventories 1.69B
Deferred taxes
Prepaid expenses and other current assets 4.33B
Total current assets 47.62B
Plant, rental machines and other property 29.63B
Less: Accumulated depreciation 18.72B
Plant, rental machines and other property - net 10.91B
Long-term financing receivables (net of allowances of $40 in 2011 and $58 in 2010) 9.27B
Prepaid pension assets 2.33B
Deferred taxes 4.81B
Goodwill 34.32B
Intangible assets - net 4.37B
Investments and sundry assets 5.22B
Total assets 118.86B
Current liabilities:
Taxes 2.2B
Short-term debt 5.3B
Accounts payable 5.3B
Compensation and benefits 3.44B
Deferred income 12.61B
Other accrued expenses and liabilities 5.8B
Total current liabilities 34.66B
Long-term debt
Retirement and nonpension postretirement benefit obligations 16.94B
Deferred income 3.66B
Other liabilities 8.26B
Total liabilities 103.78B
IBM stockholders' equity:
Common stock, par value $0.20 per share, and additional paid-in capital Shares authorized: 4,687,500,000 Shares issued: 2011 - 2,175,594,604 2010 - 2,161,800,054
Retained earnings 146.89B
Treasury stock - at cost Shares: 2011 - 981,316,389 2010 - 933,806,510 -156.4B
Accumulated other comprehensive income/(loss) -29B
Total IBM stockholders' equity 14.93B
Noncontrolling interests 147M
Total equity 15.07B
Total liabilities and equity 118.86B