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EIX Balance Sheet

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Cash and cash equivalents 161M
Receivables, less allowances of $87 and $85 for uncollectible accounts at respective dates 771M
Accrued unbilled revenue 565M
Inventory 267M
Prepaid taxes
Derivative assets 79M
Restricted cash
Margin and collateral deposits
Regulatory assets 560M
Other current assets 251M
Total current assets 2.65B
Nuclear decommissioning trusts 4.33B
Investments in unconsolidated affiliates
Other investments 203M
Total investments 4.53B
Utility property, plant and equipment, less accumulated depreciation of $6,486 and $6,319 at respective dates 34.95B
Competitive power generation and other property, plant and equipment, less accumulated depreciation of $2,009 and $1,865 at respective dates
Total property, plant and equipment 35.09B
Derivative assets 84M
Restricted deposits
Rent payments in excess of levelized rent expense under plant operating leases
Regulatory assets 7.51B
Other long-term assets 441M
Total long-term assets 8.04B
Total assets 50.31B
Short-term debt 695M
Current portion of long-term debt 295M
Accounts payable 1.31B
Accrued taxes 72M
Accrued interest
Customer deposits 242M
Derivative liabilities 218M
Regulatory liabilities 1.13B
Other current liabilities 967M
Total current liabilities 4.93B
Long-term debt 10.96B
Deferred income taxes
Deferred investment tax credits
Customer advances
Derivative liabilities 1.1B
Pensions and benefits 1.76B
Asset retirement obligations 2.76B
Regulatory liabilities 5.68B
Other deferred credits and other long-term liabilities 2.25B
Total deferred credits and other liabilities
Total liabilities 36.92B
Commitments and contingencies (Note 9)
Common stock, no par value (800,000,000 shares authorized; 325,811,206 shares issued and outstanding at each date)
Accumulated other comprehensive loss -56M
Retained earnings 8.94B
Total Edison International's common shareholders' equity 11.37B
Preferred and preference stock of utility 2.02B
Other noncontrolling interests
Total noncontrolling interests
Total equity 13.39B
Total liabilities and equity 50.31B