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BRO Balance Sheet

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Cash and cash equivalents 448.82M
Restricted cash and investments 217.65M
Short-term investments 10.55M
Premiums, commissions and fees receivable 424.42M
Deferred income taxes 17.15M
Other current assets 58.29M
Total current assets 1.54B
Fixed assets, net 81.34M
Goodwill 2.56B
Amortizable intangible assets, net 758.1M
Other assets 36.96M
Total assets 5B
Premiums payable to insurance companies 531M
Premium deposits and credits due customers 96.03M
Accounts payable 56.88M
Accrued expenses and other liabilities 172.4M
Current portion of long-term debt 41.25M
Total current liabilities 1.26B
Long-term debt 1.12B
Deferred income taxes, net 347.62M
Other liabilities 85.71M
Shareholders' Equity:
Common stock, par value $0.10 per share; authorized 280,000 shares; issued and outstanding 142,924 at 2011 and 142,795 at 2010 14.64M
Additional paid-in capital 439.34M
Retained earnings 1.91B
Accumulated other comprehensive income, net of related income tax effect of $3 at 2011 and $4 at 2010 40K
Total shareholders' equity 2.19B
Total liabilities and shareholders' equity 5B