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BFIN Cash Flow Statement

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Cash flows from operating activities
Net income 4.21M
Adjustments to reconcile to net income to net cash from operating activities
Provision for loan losses -1.21M
ESOP shares earned
Stock-based compensation expense 52K
Depreciation and amortization 1.84M
Amortization of premiums and discounts on securities and loans -151K
Amortization of core deposit intangible
Amortization and impairment of servicing assets 57K
Net change in net deferred loan origination costs -322K
Net loss (gain) on sale of other real estate owned -80K
Net gain on sale of loans -55K
Net gain on sale of securities 0
Net loss disposition of premises and equipment 1K
Loans originated for sale -2.32M
Proceeds from sale of loans 2.38M
Net change in:
Deferred income tax
Accrued interest receivable 41K
Earnings on bank owned life insurance -94K
Other assets 4M
Accrued interest payable and other liabilities -270K
Net cash from operating activities 9.15M
Cash flows from investing activities
Proceeds from maturities 40.01M
Proceeds from principal repayments 4.49M
Proceeds from sales of securities 0
Purchases of securities -22.7M
Loans receivable
Principal payments on loans receivable 230.15M
Purchases of loans
Originated for investment -218.05M
Proceeds of redemption of Federal Reserve Bank stock
Proceeds from sale of other real estate owned 1.83M
Purchases of premises and equipment, net -282K
Cash acquired in acquisition
Net cash from (used) investing activities 38.8M
Cash flows from financing activities
Net change in deposits -11.49M
Net change in borrowings -9.88M
Net change in advance payments by borrowers for taxes and insurance 340K
Repurchase and retirement of common stock -7.39M
Cash dividends paid on common stock -1.69M
Net cash from financing activities -30.11M
Net change in cash and cash equivalents 17.85M
Beginning cash and cash equivalents 59.58M
Ending cash and cash equivalents 77.43M
Supplemental disclosures of cash flow information:
Interest paid 1.41M
Income taxes paid 26K
Income taxes refunded
Loans transferred to real estate owned 1.17M
Supplemental disclosures of noncash investing activities - Acquisition:
Loans receivable
Other real estate owned
Stock in Federal Home Loan Bank and Federal Reserve Bank
Premises and equipment, net
Accrued interest receivable
Core deposit intangible
FDIC prepaid expense
Income tax receivable
Deferred taxes, net
Other assets
Total noncash items acquired
Liabilities assumed:
Advance payments by borrowers taxes and insurance
Accrued interest payable and other liabilities
Total liabilities assumed
Cash and cash equivalents acquired