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AET Income Statement

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Health care premiums 12.42B
Other premiums
Fees and other revenue 1.29B
Net investment income 228.3M
Net realized capital gains 23.8M
Total revenue 14.51B
Benefits and expenses:
Health care costs 10.31B
Current and future benefits
Operating expenses:
Selling expenses 413M
General and administrative expenses 2.19B
Total operating expenses 2.6B
Interest expense 81.3M
Amortization of other acquired intangible assets 61.9M
Total benefits and expenses
Income before income taxes 924.6M
Income taxes:
Current 350.5M
Deferred 26.9M
Total income taxes 377.4M
Net income 548.8M
Earnings per common share:
Basic 1.54
Diluted 1.52