Obama Plans $2.5B Community College Tax Credit; For-Profit Schools on Watch (ESI) (BPI) (APOL) Feb 5, 2016 03:17PM
Fannie (FNMA) and Freddie Tick Higher as New GSE Letter Suggests Return of Capital Retention Conversation - Compass Point Feb 5, 2016 10:09AM
Obama Looks to Impose New Oil Tax to Pay for Transportation Innovation (TSLA) Feb 4, 2016 03:21PM
Obama to seek new tax on oil in budget proposal Feb 4, 2016 03:30PM
President Obama's 21st Century Clean Transportation System; Proposes New $10/Barrel Fee on Oil Paid by Oil Companies Feb 4, 2016 03:22PM
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Feb 4, 2016 01:51PM Donors to White House hopeful Jeb Bush urged not to switch to Rubio
Feb 4, 2016 12:00PM Libra Group's Inaugural 'American Entrepreneurship Award' Open For Entries
Feb 4, 2016 11:58AM NJT Unions Continue to Negotiate as Strike Date Looms
Feb 4, 2016 11:32AM Senate panel approves Obama's pick to lead forces in Afghanistan
Feb 4, 2016 11:19AM In contentious debate, Clinton and Sanders both claim 'progressive' mantle
Feb 4, 2016 11:02AM Rubio under attack as New Hampshire primary race heats up
Feb 4, 2016 10:10AM Dominion Resources and the Library of Virginia Honor Eight African-American 'Strong Men & Women in Virginia History'
Feb 4, 2016 10:04AM A Renewed Surge of Illegal Aliens at the Border
Feb 4, 2016 09:19AM Gender pay gap can haunt women even in retirement
Feb 4, 2016 09:18AM USO Celebrates 75-Year Legacy and Invites Americans to Join the Campaign to Connect Service Members and their Families by Sending One Million Messages of Support
Feb 4, 2016 08:30AM World Cancer Day: Reflecting on progress and hope for the future in cancer treatment
Feb 4, 2016 07:30AM The Solution to Obama's Gun Tracking Technology Plea: TracFind
Feb 4, 2016 07:03AM Afghanistan's Abdullah expects talks with Taliban in months
Feb 4, 2016 12:01AM In-Depth Federal Budget Survey: Republicans and Democrats Agree on Changes Reducing Deficit By $52 billion
Feb 3, 2016 10:20PM Democratic hopefuls Sanders and Clinton spar over 'progressive' credentials
Feb 3, 2016 10:01PM Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal signed, but years of negotiations still to come
Feb 3, 2016 08:58PM Obama budget to adjust health insurance 'Cadillac tax': adviser
Feb 3, 2016 07:24PM U.S. Republican questions timing of $1.7 billion Iran payment, hostage release
Feb 3, 2016 06:54PM Obama Drops the Ball with Proposed 1.6% Pay Raise for Federal Workers
Feb 3, 2016 06:35PM U.S. House panel offers alternative to retirement adviser rule
Feb 3, 2016 05:29PM U.S. rejects 30 Syrian refugees amid tightened security
Feb 3, 2016 05:03PM Exiger Chosen to Conduct Comprehensive Review of University of Cincinnati’s Police Department
Feb 3, 2016 05:01PM Obama to seek 1.6 percent pay raise for federal government workers
Feb 3, 2016 04:54PM CAIR Welcomes President Obama's Remarks at First Visit to American Mosque
Feb 3, 2016 04:19PM Pentagon chief unveils plans to buy more high-end ships, fighters
Feb 3, 2016 04:05PM Concordia U. Portland Honors Education Leaders, Promotes STEAM
Feb 3, 2016 03:53PM House lawmakers propose $1 billion in aid for struggling coal country
Feb 3, 2016 03:53PM University of Cincinnati Selects Exiger to Conduct Comprehensive Review of UC Police
Feb 3, 2016 03:44PM Obama Administration Doubles Down On Fight Against Opioid Abuse With $1.2 Billion In Proposed New Funding, says Consumer Watchdog
Feb 3, 2016 03:31PM U.S. Commission on Civil Rights Observes National African-American History Month
Feb 3, 2016 03:07PM Judicial Watch: Secret Service Accommodations for Two Obama Family 2014 Vacations Cost $1,243,057
Feb 3, 2016 02:59PM American Islamic Forum for Democracy Asks Obama: Please Don't Defer To Islamists In First Mosque Visit
Feb 3, 2016 02:47PM 4-Star Gen. McCaffrey (Ret), U.S. Drug Czar Who Helped Formulate Plan Colombia, Says 15th Anniv. White House Celebration Thurs., Feb. 4 Proof Of Success With Massive Cocaine Reduction To U.S., Reduced
Feb 3, 2016 02:35PM AANP Applauds President Obama's Recognition of the Vital Role Nurse Practitioners Play in Addressing Our Nation's Opioid Epidemic
Feb 3, 2016 02:27PM Obama visits a mosque to send pointed message to non-Muslims
Feb 3, 2016 02:09PM Republican campaign for White House turns nastier as field narrows
Feb 3, 2016 08:50AM CORRECTING and REPLACING Time Inc. Launches Motto, a New Site for Millennial Women from the Editors of Time
Feb 3, 2016 12:54PM House Speaker Ryan urges conservative unity in election year
Feb 3, 2016 12:51PM Covestro launches i3 STEM in Pittsburgh with its first Greenlight for Girls Day
Feb 3, 2016 12:27PM U.S. will act against Islamic State in Libya if needed: White House
Feb 3, 2016 12:11PM Jason Kraus Announces Candidacy for United States Senate
Feb 3, 2016 11:16AM The Mayflower Hotel Launches Bi-Partisan Election-Themed Campaign in the Nation's Capital
Feb 3, 2016 11:09AM Trump accuses Cruz of stealing Iowa caucuses through 'fraud'
Feb 3, 2016 09:46AM Obama to visit U.S. mosque to counter Republican rhetoric about Muslims
Feb 3, 2016 09:09AM STEM Professions Rising: Monica Eaton-Cardone Provides Tips on Filling Growing Demand for Science-Related Jobs
Feb 3, 2016 08:50AM Time Inc. Launches Motto, a New Site for Millennial Women from the Editors of Time
Feb 3, 2016 08:45AM Companies Expand Commitment to Upskill Frontline Workers but Fail to Maximize Impact
Feb 3, 2016 06:14AM U.S. says making progress in aircraft carrier collaboration with India
Feb 3, 2016 06:00AM LAM Therapeutics Closes $40M in Financing and Announces Two Clinical-Stage Programs in Rare Diseases and Cancer
Feb 3, 2016 03:05AM American Lung Association 'State of Tobacco Control 2016' Report Finds Policymakers Failing to Act to End Tobacco-Caused Death, Disease
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