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March 8, 2016 6:51 AM EST

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(SI Newswire) Leptin Shred retrains a person’s body to preferentially burn fat. The seven premium quality ingredients help hold in the number of fat cells in a person’s body. It speeds up the body's ability to burn fat by inreasing the amount of leptin, also it makes sure that the body remains at its maximum fat burning zone.

Leptin Shred Reduces Excess Body Fat And Activates Metabolism

Leptin Shred is a newly launched supplement by SixPackShortcuts, LLC that helps with fat loss efforts. This nutritional supplement is created to assist a person’s body in tearing down fat deposits, side by side also activates metabolism and burns excess calories.

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Mike Chang's Leptin Shred is a fully loaded fat loss weapon built with seven powerful premium quality ingredients namely African Mango Extract, Fucoxanthin, Olive Leaf Extract, Synephrine HCL (Bitter Green Orange), Yohimbe Bark Extract, Piperine and White Willow Bark Extract. African Mango is an extract from a food that has been consumed for centuries in reasonably large amounts. It has the ability to help minify excess body fat, weight and leptin levels in obese people.

Also, it is a high fiber food, and high fibre foods had long been known to support a healthy and balanced diet. Another ingredient, Fucoxanthin helps white fat cells behave as brown fat cells. Brown fat burns energy as opposed to storing it as white fat does. Not only may people burn more fat if they increase the amount of fucoxanthin in their diet but they also may burn more visceral fat, the stubborn, dangerous fat that exists in the organs of the belly.

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Another ingredient which is added to Leptin Shred full strength formula is Olive Leaf Extract. It has been praised for helping in weight loss. Research studies claim that it helps to break down a particular type of body fat found in the abdomen which would allow people to spot cut down their weight. It is suggested that the extract averts the development of layers of fat inside the abdomen which would have an effect on how overweight a person may turn out.

Increase In The Metabolic Rate Of The Body

Synephrine HCL which is an extract that is commonly taken from the immature Bitter Orange (Citrus aurantium) plant increases both energy and metabolic rate without increasing blood pressure or heart rate. This effect has led to its increase in popularity as a weight loss and energy pumping aid. Moreover, Yohimbe Bark Extract is one ingredient which could boost exercise potency, hence promoting fat loss. On the other hand, Piperine extract assists in shedding off unwanted weight as it increases thermogenic activity. Thermogenesis is the way of developing cellular energy and this result in an increase in the metabolic rate of the body.

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Lastly, White Willow Bark Extract is one powerful ingredient which claims to be used primarily in weight loss formulations to enhance the actions of other herbs. Altogether these seven premium quality ingredients help hold in the number of fat cells in a person’s body.

Leptin Shred is an ultra concentrated powerful fat loss supplementation which helps people look and feel their best by deducting the absorption of fat in their body. This full strength formula boosts a person’s weight loss in a number of crucial areas such as fat burning, increasing leptin hormone, energy and metabolic increase.

How To Optimize Your Leptin Levels

It’s a unique formula created to harness a person’s leptin hormone and use it to their fat burning advantage. Besides stepping down the absorption of fat in a person’s body, it will speed up the body's ability to burn fat by increasing the amount of leptin, also it is going to make sure that their body remains at its maximum fat burning zone.

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In addition to that, this nutritional supplementation claims to help people optimize their leptin levels (a hormone produced by fat cells) without any crash diet plan or spending any additional time working out. When leptin levels upsurge, they signal the brain that enough calories have been used up and it is time to stop eating.

When leptin is working properly, it averts nutrient spillover by telling insulin to block out after their tank is full. However, high levels of leptin are not the same as optimal levels. Obese people have high leptin levels but the brain does not know that those levels are high due to a condition called leptin resistance, wherein the satiation messages issued from leptin never make it to the brain's receptors, which primarily results in excess calorie intake before satiation is recorded.

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This slimming pill increases the amount of leptin and helps in off-loading the entire abstraction of belly fat. The blend of seven premium quality ingredients have been shown in research to help ignite metabolism and speed up fat loss. This ultra concentrated powerful fat loss pill provides fat burning nutriments and boosts a person’s metabolism.

It unites the potency of good evidence backing up proven formulas with pure organic substances to render a weight loss solution that helps people burn calories and keep it off, the manufacturers claim. Mike Chang's Leptin Shred gives a person’s body the nutriments it needs to burn a whole lotta calories, side by side also helps them off-load stubborn pounds by eating anything they want. This fat burner retrains a person’s body to preferentially burn fat and kick-starts the weight loss process by introducing their body to the weight loss formula.

Leptin Shred claims to allow a person’s body to metabolize at impressive rates not seen before, the creator claims. Their metabolism affects their size and the higher their metabolic goes, the more calories and body fat they will burn instantly. Additionally, one bottle of Leptin Shred is available online at a price of $67 plus $14.97 S&H. It comes with a 60 day money back refund policy, less S&H charges. In order to request one, people will need to contact customer service at 800-655-8576.

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