Forex Precog - UPDATED Review Of Michael Nurok's New FX Trading System Released

September 2, 2015 12:54 PM EDT

(SI Newswire) Forex Precog is a new system for traders who are interested in improving their results trading in the foreign exchange market. The system, which was developed by master trader Michael Nurok, is a simple-to-use trend following system that requires very little time to manage and trade. Click Here for more details

Forex Precog can be used very profitably on all time frames and is designed to put the odds in your favor every time you make a trade. Using the power of the fundamental trend coupled with accurate entry techniques result in providing traders with a very high success rate. The trading system is a powerful system that took years to develop. The system is based on the unique custom indicators, called Precogs, that Michael developed to help identify high probability areas where traders can take advantage of market volatility to make highly profitable trades.

When the software has identified an opportunity to make a profitable trade and make you some serious money it will let you know. Even if you are not in front of your computer. The "Precog Predictor" allows you to mathematically and with absolute certainty KNOW that that average price over the recent past is now either going up or going down.

Next, there is Precog Pro. These are proprietary momentum indicators that have been developed to determine, the rate of the change in price. Visually, the Precog Pro is split into 2 histograms – a top histogram and a bottom histogram.

This software provides us with the vital information we need to know: the rate of the rise, or the rate of the fall.

This information gives us the ability to further filter the information we have access to and base our investment decisions on the momentum of the rise or fall.

If these filters are not in accordance with our guidelines, we will reject the trade entry and wait until they are in line with the Precogs, the Predictor, and the Ribbon.

Next, we have our customized version of the MACD. This is the Precog MACD, which has different settings from the standard MACD settings. They are in perfect harmony with all of our other software.

It also displays the MACD significantly different from the standard versions, which allows us to further filter: trend trades, swings within trends, and counter swings within the trend.

Finally, it uses old school price-action that provides us with a further "sense" of what the price is doing, and hence, the probable direction of the price. This is determined in unison with all our software programs and is a fundamental process in the determination entering the trade.

"As usual, Michael Nurok's latest trading system is the talk of the town in the online Forex trading community. While Nurok's products are always quick to sell out, the buzz surrounding this latest system of his is nothing short of remarkable. Forex Precog appeals to everyone from newbies to veteran traders, so in my review I made sure to discuss who I think will get the most out of this system."

Michael Nurok has made 750 copies of his system available to the public, exclusively through the Forex Precog website. The product includes a set of instructional DVDs, a trading manual, and full-color "cheat sheets", as well as an online member's area where customers can get 24 hour a day trading and tech support.

I think that one of the main reasons why Nurok's products are so popular is because he provides his customers with ongoing personalized support, both through his website's members area, and though ongoing live webinars," says Rosner. "Unlike most other Forex training programs, which are released to the market by faceless entities, Mr. Nurok has been a trusted fixture in the Forex community for well over a decade. Traders who have missed out on his previous training have been counting the days until their next opportunity to learn from him, and we are happy to report that the moment has arrived."

Only 750 copies of the Forex Precog will ever be for sale. Those interested can purchase the program now via the official website, click here for access

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